Baffour Boakye Proves Dreams Can Become Reality If You Have Put All Your Efforts into Them

Baffour Boakye Proves Dreams Can Become Reality If You Have Put All Your Efforts into Them

Dreams always come with sacrifice and require a great deal of hard work and effort.  This is what emerging comedian Baffour Boakye knew when he decided to pursue his passion in comedy and entertainment.  

Baff started his entertainment career when he was 27 years old. Before taking on this journey of acting and entertainment, he was a college graduate with a Masters degree in Petroleum Geology. Although he always had aspirations of being an entertainer, he had never taken the full initiative to actually pursue this passion.  It wasn’t until the downturn in the Oil and Gas market in 2015 that Baffour finally decided to take a leap of faith.

In July of 2016 Baffour officially created the alias “Baffmasta” and began creating content that would spread joy and positivity to many people across the world.  Although it took many years to make the content to the level it has become today, he’s enjoyed every moment and welcomes the daily challenge of creating new content and putting smiles on peoples faces.

In the past, Baff’s friends had always told him that he was funny, and even in his spare time while working in corporate america, he would spend his free time making videos just to entertain them. He even participated in costume competitions during his college years in which he would usually win the prize money due to his stage presence and hilarious entertainment.

Presently, baff’s social media pages have grown tremendously since he began creating content. His social accounts constantly generate a monthly impression of over 500,000 visitors on Instagram and over 5 million per month on Facebook. In addition to this he’s created and facilitated social media campaigns for vendors such as, Whataburger, UTHealth Care, and MTV, and has also worked with many big names in the entertainment industry including the Black Eyed Peas, who he performed with at the MTV VMAs in August of  2021. 

Baffour Boakye continues to build  a community for his followers that is safe, positive, and entertaining. He continues to elevate not only in his content but with his personal goals and career ambitions in being the best comedic actor he can be.

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