Beauty Queen Hollyann Carroll Shares Her Journey from Beauty Pageant Winner to Real Estate Business

Beauty Queen Hollyann Carroll Shares Her Journey from Beauty Pageant Winner to Real Estate Business

The thought of switching careers and changing paths is often perceived as scary. Especially when you are doing something good, and winning recognition for it, changing careers and working on developing new skills is not easy. It comes with a lot of uncertainty of success. Most people are either too scared, or afraid to leave their comfort zones to accomplish new milestones in life. Why struggle when you could fail? That is the mindset of failure right there. And that is something Hollyann Carroll never indulged in.

Winning The Pageant 

Beauty queen Holly Carroll is one such example of a striking woman who decided to switch careers and make a name for herself in the real estate industry. Holly has been an aspiring international model since a young age, and her mom supported her throughout the process. When she was awarded the title Miss Canada Tourism 2017-18, she was pleased to know that the title offered her a lot more than the mere recognition of her physical looks. It offered her a platform to help people and transform lives; something she always wished to do, and thus began her journey of charitable work with the crown. She has assisted Orillia’s Kidney Walk, women’s shelters, and the SPCA and raised money for charities like the Interval House, Sick Kids, Special Olympics, and the Humane Society. She recalls it as the most fulfilling year of her life where she was constantly involved in being helpful to the society that made her feel like she existed. 

Taking A Leap In Real Estate 

Her innate desire to help people and guide them through life led her to enter the world of real estate. After aceing the real estate exam and getting the license, Holly recalls the struggles and how she thought of giving up at times. She adds, “But thank god I didn’t. I had a very good support system and something inside kept telling me to keep pushing and I would be very successful in this industry.”

Hollyann began her career in Toronto and later gained expertise in the area of Muskoka, where she is the specialist of waterfront properties. From beauty queen to “Queens of Muskoka ” Holly has created a brand of powerful women in the real estate industry with a similar agent. 

Today, she runs her real estate business with the utmost passion as it gives her the same pleasure of interacting with people and helping them make the biggest purchase of their lives. For her, “ It’s exciting and emotional in a good way”. For her clients, it’s an experience of a lifetime.

To know more about Hollyann Caroll and her real estate endeavors, check out her Instagram page

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