Brandon Beavis: A True Educator in the Field of Investments

Brandon Beavis: A True Educator in the Field of Investments

At this point in time, it is very hard to find someone who truly cares about you and your well being. Most educators and other financial service providers, usually only care about making maximum income irrespective of what is beneficial for their clients. However, Brandon Beavis is not a stereotypical educator. He is not only humble towards his work but also has his intentions centered around providing long term support to his customers in whatever way possible.   

Brandon began his journey on online platforms after he successfully got his license as an investment advisor and spent 4 years working at his father’s investment firm. He initially started with a small YouTube channel where he would post one video every week and named it ‘Brandon Beavis Investing’. Here Brandon would post content on teaching Canadians about how to properly invest in the stock market for the long term. His focus was on dividends, passive income, and proper portfolio management that would provide long term success instead of riskier short term strategies like day trading or forex. Even though he initially earned zero dollars, Brandon still kept on posting videos to build a strong following. Thus, his channel slowly started to grasp attention from people all over the country. Seeing the success of Brandon Beavis Investing, he decided to launch an online business, where he would provide complete training on investing to beginners. He called it, ‘The Investing Academy’.

Slowly, both platforms started to get popular and Brandon’s reach increased. Eventually, his YouTube channel became the largest Canadian focused channel about stock market investing with over 150,000 subscribers. Along with this, The Investing Academy has a total of 1000+ students from across the country who gave amazing feedback as the course provided great results for them. The reason behind Brandon’s success was his unique approach. His students called him “one of the best teachers on the internet” as he had the ability to break down complex topics into easy to understand videos. Moreover, with this skill, Brandon used time-tested information through his father’s professional experience of 25+ years. As a result, he was able to provide his customers with a complete package of guidelines in a relatively simple manner. 

Despite his success, Brandon never stopped trying different approaches to teach. He constantly strived to pursue more knowledge so that he could enhance his content. Therefore, as a true educator, Brandon never stopped working towards helping out his customers.   

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