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Brilliant Liu, the Founder of @House.of.Leaders, Shares His Journey of Building a Social Media Brand

Brilliant Liu, the Founder of @House.of.Leaders, Shares His Journey of Building a Social Media Brand

Whether you use social media to keep in touch with friends and family or to drive visitors to your website, the majority of social media professionals agree on one thing: your online presence is your brand. It totally depends on you how you grow your brand on social media, but it is highly reliant on the message your business and its online presence conveys. As a result, social media accounts that promote personal and professional improvement via optimism and growth have flourished in recent years, establishing themselves as visionary leaders in their own right.

Over three years, one of these accounts,, grew from zero to over one million followers. Brilliant Liu, a serial entrepreneur from Jakarta, Indonesia, founded the company in 2015 and credited his success to emphasizing genuine compassion and progress messages. Today, Brilliant is a successful personal branding coach who coaches people to create a successful social media brand.

Brilliant was born in the year 1993 in Indonesia. He was always looked down on at school due to his poor academic accomplishments. One of his high school professors insisted on calling him Average rather than Brilliant. Brilliant’s mother has been a single parent since then, following two divorces. He took numerous jobs after high school to support his mother financially. Brilliant tutored, worked as a designer, sold soaps door-to-door, experimented with MLM, and various other professions.

Before graduating from college, Brilliant was unconcerned with his surroundings. “I was egotistical and oblivious,” Brilliant admits. He met my first mentor by chance shortly after graduation. Brilliant’s mentor didn’t convince him that he needed to make a change in his life, but he did show him that his life was intended to be greater.

Brilliant began to focus less on the need to make difficult adjustments in his own life and more on how to help others make such changes in theirs after taking his mentor’s guidance. Brilliant has been able to expand his House of Leaders platform and use his brand to inspire millions of people across the world as a result of this shift in his outlook.

The majority of Brilliant’s success may be attributed to the affection and support he received from his audience. Without a doubt, this support results from the ongoing value that his House of Leaders brand provides to his audience.

Brilliant emphasizes the necessity of not giving up on one’s interests or ambitions, in addition to the sound characteristics of patience and persistence. “I’m not the brightest person I know, but I’m also the most resilient. I’ll construct a door if there isn’t one.”

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