Castle Hunters: Travel Bloggers Ryan & Joelle Share the Tales of Exploring over 350 Castles on Wanderers Compass

One can travel for various reasons – from learning new languages to diving deep into foreign cultures, cuisines, and entertainment. Yet, there is another aspect of tourism that is distinctive in its appeal, that is, traveling to explore historical sites. Abandoned palaces & eroded ruins tell their tales through their silence. Ryan Slough & Joelle Machia are a traveling duo who feel a strange connection with these historical monuments. They share their fascinating adventures of visiting 350 plus iconic castles in Europe on their travel blog, Wanderers Compass

A Military and civilian Police Officer, Ryan Slough is living his dream as he travels with Joelle Machia, a retired Clinical Research Nurse currently serving on Research Ethics Boards. They have traveled extensively throughout the world to the most history-rich destinations. Exploring historic sites was not their initial priority. This unexpected love for castles started with a bit of an “Irish Connection.”

Ireland has a rich and enchanting heritage. Joelle and Ryan got awe-struck by one of its most popular monuments on their first day. Trim Castle, in Meath County, was the culprit. Mesmerized by its allure, Ryan and Joelle had their first experience of listening to the silence of those stone walls. On Wanderers Compass, they express this ethereal feeling using different mediums to share the experience with their audience.

From their first encounter till now, they have explored over 350 castles around Europe and the world with no signs of stopping. “The privilege of exploring these magnificent architectural wonders is truly a gift,” Joelle and Ryan note, further adding, “They capture your imagination in ways it is difficult to put into words.” These iconic structures take you back in time. The moment you appreciate them is when you open yourself to a new and unique aspect of traveling that goes beyond mere entertainment.

As Ryan & Joelle share these epic tales on their blog, people everywhere have flocked to read them. Thus, the popularity of Wanderers Compass has skyrocketed. With a social media outreach so massive, Wanderers Compass is now listed in LA Weekly as one of the Top Ten Most Incredible Travel Experts for Adventure Lovers in 2023.

Thinking out of the box, Ryan and Joelle have used this popularity and outreach for a bigger purpose. Traveling is very alluring though not always easy. Sometimes it is the lack of resources, problems with affordability, or merely a need for encouragement that stops from adventuring across the globe. Owing to their broad traveling experience, Ryan and Joelle provide tools to mitigate such reasons. They inspire and encourage while providing resources and affordable solutions to travelers who lack the necessary means and motivation. They aspire to create authentic, independent, and life-changing trips for others.

For history lovers, check out Ryan and Joelle’s master castle list that will narrow down your search for an authentic heritage experience.

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