Coronavirus, the League alarm: “Cancel Chinese New Year in Prato”

Coronavirus, the League alarm: “Cancel Chinese New Year in Prato”

The proposal of the group leader in the city council, Patrizia Ovattoni. “Could call back a lot of illegal immigrants who, of course, know nothing about anything.”

On the subject of the Coronavirus that is spreading in China, the leader of the League in the city council, Patrizia Ovattoni, raises the alarm: “The virus is well cared for by the authorities at the airport borders, but as far as Tuscany, in particular, Prato, is concerned, this cannot be sufficient to guarantee an adequate level of protection for our community. Unfortunately, in Prato, thousands and thousands of irregular Chinese people are estimated to have come from and have not known where they come from or how long they have been living in the city. This is a rather alarming context because it is a part that is unconnected to our society and therefore out of control”.

A position was contrary to what the regional health counselor, Stefania Saccardi, said.

Ovation, for this reason, launches a proposal intended to be discussed: “In light of this worrying emergency, we believe it is absolutely necessary, appropriate and unavoidable to cancel the Chinese New Year because, as announced by the director Giovanni Maga of the Molecular Genetics Institute at the CNR, we must avoid crowded places. The Chinese New Year could attract many illegal immigrants of whom, obviously, they know nothing about anything”.

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