Dr. Heena Sinha On How The InspireAbility Awards Recognize Extraordinary Individuals Who Overcame Disability 

Dr. Heena Sinha On How The InspireAbility Awards Recognize Extraordinary Individuals Who Overcame Disability 

Individuals with disabilities often find themselves facing doctors and society who strongly emphasize the challenges and disadvantages they must confront. However, despite the odds and social expectations, some of these individuals achieve remarkable milestones in their lives.

Dr. Heena Sinha, the co-founder of My Second Home, believes in recognizing and celebrating the extraordinary achievements of those who have overcome disabilities. Through the InspireAbility Awards, Dr. Sinha is paving the way for a society that acknowledges and embraces the resilience of these remarkable individuals. 

As a distinguished National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider specializing in short-term and long-term accommodation, Dr. Sinha and her team at My Second Home have worked closely with their clients.

She had previously worked as a local area coordinator in the NDIS, witnessing firsthand the unwavering determination, boundless talent, and surprising spirit of individuals with disabilities.

Witnessing the positive attitude and remarkable contributions of individuals with a disability, Dr. Sinha decided to honor and uplift such people by organizing InspireAbility Awards for the first time this year. 

The InspireAbility Awards 2023 is an opportunity for people to shine a spotlight on their loved ones whose inspiring life stories deserve recognition. Dr. Sinha’s organization is seeking nominees who, despite having a disability, embody an unwavering spirit, determination, and passion for life. Whether they are NDIS participants or individuals who inspire and deserve to be heard, their stories matter to the Second Home team. Dr. Sinha reminds her followers on Facebook and Linkedin by posting, “Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page, for voting your favorite nominee.”       

Among the many stories on her website, one highlights the inspiring journey of Kymon, who, despite being diagnosed with nonverbal ASD at a young and later with epilepsy, has remained a constant source of inspiration for those around him. He passionately advocates for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ACC) and accessibility within the art and music industry. Dr. Sinha expresses her pride in supporting individuals like Kymon, who pursue their passions and inspire others along the way.

Through InspireAbility Awards, Dr. Sinha is not just offering recognition but a reward as well. The winner of these awards will receive a minimum cash prize of $10,000, with the possibility of having more cash winners. Along with a monetary award, the winner will be presented with a trophy, symbolizing their triumph over adversity. These awards have a far-reaching impact, inspiring millions of people to share their own journeys and overcome life’s challenges.

Dr. Sinha understands the transformative power of storytelling. She believes that by sharing these remarkable stories of resilience and success, we can challenge societal norms and break down barriers. The InspireAbility Awards aim to create a more inclusive society by raising awareness and appreciation for the unique talents and contributions of individuals with disabilities.

To be a part of this event and learn more about extraordinary individuals who have defied all the odds of disability or to know more about InspireAbility awards, visit the My Second Home site or follow their Facebook page

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