Educator Jessie Eccles Believes Astrology is Way to Understand the Universe’s Message

Educator Jessie Eccles Believes Astrology is Way to Understand the Universe’s Message

“Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.” –Dane Rudhyar.

History shows that human civilizations have always relied upon the skies to find answers. It is because the universe always had a message to convey.

Jessie Eccles is an expert Astrologer and Educator who is on a mission to teach people the language of the universe through her online business, ‘That’s Soul Astro.’ She shows that astrology is a practical discipline that can provide clarity on major challenges in life. Jessie engages her followers in a spiritual journey towards self-discovery through the stars and planets.

Jessie began her career in astrology after going a more traditional route working in the U.S. Education system, but she was always interested in the language of stars. She felt that her soul had a mission, and had a purpose to impact many people.

Having interests in education and the human psyche, Jessie chose to pursue a degree in teaching. She served as a middle school humanities teacher in Ethiopia, handled international education relations in various universities, and worked at an Ed-Tech company. Jessie knew her life’s purpose was to help others, so she did everything in her power to be of service to others and fulfill it.

Astrology played a significant role throughout Jessie’s travels and work experiences. Every big decision was derived from her birth chart reading. Since she was always interested in the language of stars and the universe, Jessie knew how to read them herself. Her travels gave her insights into cultures and families that enriched her spiritual level. Jessie meditated for spiritual, emotional, and mental at home through astrology.

This journey to self-discovery landed her in a place where she realized that understanding her birth chart, and making decisions based on her unique blueprint, led to all of her successes and breakthroughs. Social media was the first place she shared her learnings with the world. Seeing the spike of interest among her community, Jessie decided to start a coaching business in astrology education.

That’s Soul Astro’ by Jessie is helping astrology fans to learn about this language through its coaching packages and courses. Jessie believes it’s essential to teach people about birth charts and astrological patterns to help them return to their intuition and back to their most authentic selves.

By learning the universe’s language, not only will you understand its hidden messages guiding you toward success but also use it to heal from hurt, as Jessie has done for many.

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