Edutainer Kendrick Tilghman Shares All about Math thru Music and Jay D Coding

Edutainer Kendrick Tilghman Shares All about Math thru Music and Jay D Coding

Kendrick Tilghman is an edutainer who mixes DJing with education to bring boring and dull mathematical concepts to life. Being an advocate of STREAM education, he believes such innovations are necessary to enhance students’ interest in these fields. 

He is the founder of 5 Starr Enterprise that provides a range of services in community outreach, education, and community engagement. His DJing skills are primarily the focus and he embeds them into regular services to make the experience intense, innovative, and fun. The company provides two of its unique products in the field of education that are set to alter the landscape of modern-day education. 

Math Thru Music Kit

Kendrick has been highly successful in bringing these kits to the masses and so far sold 100k worth of Math Thru Music kits to schools across America. MTM educates the students about the significance of numeracy using music. The program is designed by amalgamating the concepts of math with DJing. Not many are aware of the fact that DJs perform under great pressure and a lot of it is relieved with knowing basic mathematical skills and integrating them into DJing. The engaging and fun craft of Djing makes studying math so much more exciting. 

Kendrick provides the services of selling MTM kits which makes it possible to bring the fabulous experience to schools. Each kit is self-sufficient and can be used to teach math curriculum concepts like integers, algebra, fractions, ratios, multiplication, division, percentages and so much more. The entire curriculum is present in the MTM laptop and all software is preloaded to make it easier to begin. This kit includes Pioneer DJ Turntable, Laptop with Rekordbox software preloaded, Two DJ Headphones, Whiteboard with marker and eraser, All additional cords and hardware, and a 35 lesson curriculum preloaded that covers the variety of math lessons. 

JAY-D Coding Kit 

Kendrick has also made Jay-D Coding Kit widely available through his partnership with CircuitMess. The kit is designed to teach how microcomputers and other electronic components are used to produce sounds. It teaches digital to analog conversion, soldering, production of sound waves, and code custom sound and lighting effects. It’s a hands-on kit that allows students to assemble and use it. 

Kendrick makes sure that these interactive tools help to make lessons interesting and makes sure that school culture is respected during the process. Only clean songs are used and no obscenity is allowed. 

This cutting-edge approach to teaching math and coding with DJ skills has elevated students’ engagement within the class and made these boring subjects the favorite of so many. 

You can know more about Kendrick’s efforts in edutainment by following his Instagram page dj5starr 

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