Entrepreneur Erik Allen Is Changing Lives With His Podcast Show – The Erik Allen Media

Entrepreneur Erik Allen Is Changing Lives With His Podcast Show – The Erik Allen Media

Erik Allen is an inspiration for all those living broken lives. Suffering from abuse since childhood, getting involved in drugs and alcohol in his tender teen years, he has experienced life from all different angles.Today he helps MMA Fighters and Entrepreneurs get known and noticed online through his business platform Erik Allen Media. He holds inspirational talks with entrepreneurs, world changers, and success minded people. He is the host of 2 podcasts,Top Rated MMA & The Erik Allen Show, with over 300 episodes combined. Erik attributes his transformation in life to Christ. Living a godly life has enabled him to understand his ambitions better, break away from chains of abuse and live happily. His podcast displays his life goal of changing lives and helping people transform their lives for the better.

Our past doesn’t define our future

He constantly preaches that our past does not have to define our future. Change is the only constant in the world and must be truly valued. You do not have to be the person you were ten years back. It is all in your own hands. Don’t let your past define your future, change what you can and transform yourself. Everyday is a new day. Don’t repeat the same mistakes, take heed from them and achieve new goals everyday!

Others opinions are not important

How others perceive you is their problem. Not yours. The only opinion that matters is yours. Listen to your instincts, do what serves you and make your life a living example of the greatness you wish to see within yourself. Life is too short to stop, think and ponder over the opinions of others. If it lifts you, let it lift you. If it intends to break you, break away from it as soon as possible.

Success is a mindset – adopt it

Success is a mindset that needs to be adopted. It is not just achieved, it is lived. Surrounding yourself with success is a great way to attract it into your life. You learn from your observations and surroundings. Let yourself feel success up close so as to grab it and achieve it. Don’t live a mundane life. Talks about ideas, transformations, morning routines and mindsets to achieve success is what Erik Allen Media is all about and that too from the best of the best, Erik Allen himself.

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