Following Her Father Footsteps, Jay Medvedeva Makes Her Mark In The Music Industry

Following Her Father Footsteps, Jay Medvedeva Makes Her Mark In The Music Industry

Jay Medvedeva, a musician, DJ, and producer stepped into the world of music while studying in college. Her passion for music came from her father as he is  also  a musician. Her inclination to learn to DJ grew after a life-altering snowboarding accident that had her bedridden in 2007. Later she moved to Moscow and started DJing at the top underground club called Progressive Daddy alongside attending a DJ school in Moscow to hone her skills and techniques.   

Berlin based , Jay currently working on collaboration with UNDERHER (Khaled Bess) . 

Alongside her new releases coming up, her recent track with Doyeq released on the True Colors label (partnered by Tamer Malki – one of the Bedouin duo) with Armen Mira and Hraach remix is currently smashing the charts on Beatport since it’s release. In September she joined Decay Records family and released her bomb record  with Shaun Reeves including Lomonte , David Gtronic , Davide Decay and Girgio Maulini.

As for gigs she has been guest at the places such in Space Miami, Heart Miami,  Heart Ibiza, Electric Pickle Miami, Fabric , and Gazgolder club Moscow to name a few. She has also played in many electronic festivals: WMC in Miami, BPM Festival, SMX Festival, WE ARE FSTLV , Polifonic , Neversea, Big Burn Festival , Burning Man, Art with Tulum ,  Untold, just to name a few and has established a remarkable position in the industry.

Jay left no stone unturned to achieve success. She makes sure to build good relationships with clubs, promoters, booking agents, and fellow artists throughout her journey which has helped her a lot in her career. Her hardwork and determination reflect her true passion for music.

She wanted to follow her passion and father’s footsteps which led to the establishment of her brand. Eventually, she would like to have her own label so she can support upcoming young artists. She is a true inspiration for those who are still reluctant to follow their passion out of fear.

Here you can check her latest music

soundcloud  medvedeva


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