From a Housewife to a Social Media Influencer and Blogger – The Transformational Story of Megan Marie Komosa

From a Housewife to a Social Media Influencer and Blogger – The Transformational Story of Megan Marie Komosa

“More than any other social media platform, Instagram has evolved into a place where parents feel safe expressing their ups and downs,” says Ilyse DiMarco, Ph.D., a psychologist and author of ‘No Drama Mama.’ “Every day, as more and more ‘mom voices’ join the community, they’re painting a wider variety of pictures about what everyday ‘mom life’ truly looks like.’

One such addition to moms’ social media is Megan Marie Komosa, a 33 years old mom of two, who shares her life journey and mom-moments on social media, influencing and supporting other mommies worldwide. 

The old notion of social media placing ridiculous pressure on women to be “perfect” still remains, but there has also been a movement against it—one of honest mothering. More and more women, particularly mothers, are becoming disillusioned with the idea of pretending that life is all sunshine and roses. Megan’s decision to become a social media mom was motivated by this idea.

Megan’s inspiration for starting social media goes back to the day when Megan was playing with her four-month-old baby on her couch with big bags under her eyes and hair that hadn’t been washed in, well, maybe a week. And when she went through her Instagram feed, the postings appeared to be just like her—raw and uncensored.

She began her career as a blogger because she thought she was becoming a tedious and unproductive woman due to the stress of having children, battling with postpartum depression, and everything else that comes with being a new parent. She was lonely and recuperating from a foot injury that had changed her life. Megan explains why she started using social media: “I felt like I needed a purpose to give me drive every day and discipline myself.”

As a mother who suffered severe postpartum depression, Megan’s motivation for becoming a weblog was to connect with other women on the same journey as her. She wants to encourage millennial women in their thirties who feel stressed and a bit less than ideal because of what’s going on in their mom-world and who are simply trying to raise beautiful beings.

Megan attempts to connect with and motivate any woman who is hungry for more and committed to living a healthy life while feeling and looking her best through her feeds.

Social media offers Megan a platform to manifest herself as the woman she aspires to be and inspire thousands of others to follow the lead. Manifesting is definitely a contributor to her success as a social media mommy. She follows her intuition and business mind, and her genuineness and raw postings are loved and appreciated by her fans.

Follow Megan Marie here: meganmariekomosa

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