From Artist to Scuba Diver to Traveling Surgeon: Plastic Surgeon and Influencer, Dr. Ross Blagg Does it All

From Artist to Scuba Diver to Traveling Surgeon: Plastic Surgeon and Influencer, Dr. Ross Blagg Does it All

Have you ever tried SCUBA diving? Only 32.7% of American adults have gone scuba diving at least once in their life. But the audaciously bold Dr. Ross Blagg is one of those Americans who pierce the blue veil of the ocean almost every year. And what’s more, he seeks out sharks when he does it.

But he’s also a mixed media artist and a humanitarian surgeon. And his recent venture, Plastic Surgery Road Trip (PSRT), may be his most impactful pursuit yet.

Dr. Ross has been traveling abroad on surgical missions for years, but COVID-19 shut that down. As restrictions were imposed on international travel, he was barred inside the country. But there, he found another way to quench his increasing impatience for things he treasured.

He began work on the Plastic Surgery Road Trip project as a fix to the feeling of disconnection in our masked world. With the help of the PSRT project, Dr. Ross now travels across the country with a new person on each trip by his side, to have blistering fun, and meet people who needed plastic surgery but could barely afford it. In fact, Dr. Ross and the team do more than just ‘meet people’ – they become part of their lives before offering them a surgical procedure. An adventurer at heart, each road trip is a thrill ride.

“One of my favorite parts about being a plastic surgeon is connecting with my patients and their stories,” says Dr. Ross while explaining the purpose behind starting PSRT.

Dr. Ross knows exactly what he does and loves it. From his art studio to his marine escapades to operating on patients all over the world. He seems to do it all, and to do it all well. It seems the life of Dr. Ross Blagg is set on four pillars: adventure, travel, plastic surgery, and philanthropy. And it seems that PSRT embodies them all.

We’re lucky enough to be able to join in the journey on YouTube. Follow along! And if you know someone with an amazing story deserving of surgery, nominate them at: You can also follow the daily adventures of Dr. Ross on Instagram: @dr.rossblagg.

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