From Struggling to Staying Sober to Successful Entrepreneur – Meet Meaghan Long, Proud Mother, and Wife.

From Struggling to Staying Sober to Successful Entrepreneur – Meet Meaghan Long, Proud Mother, and Wife.

The struggle is inherent to all life forms. Animals battle for survival, seeking food and shelter. Humans too face their own struggles, some fighting for basic necessities like food, water, and a safe place to live, while others wrestle with inner turmoil. Meaghan Long falls into the latter category. From grappling with alcoholism and anorexia to establishing her successful business, Meaghan Long Virtual Solutions, she’s a testament to the transformative power of determination and self-belief.

Meaghan’s challenging childhood set a rocky path for her early adulthood. She yearned for purpose and identity, filling her days with alcohol-fueled parties. Working as a waitress, she earned just enough to sustain her destructive habits. Unexpectedly, the COVID-19 pandemic served as her wake-up call. With nowhere to go and time on her hands, she had the opportunity to introspect and reflect on her life’s journey.

Recognizing it was time for a change, she began a journey of self-improvement. A recovery program provided a supportive community that helped her discover her true self. During this time, she deeply reflected on her past and envisioned the life she aspired to lead. Through bonding with other women in similar circumstances, she shared her experiences and provided support, just as they did for her.

Having felt disconnected for most of her life, Meaghan yearned to foster meaningful relationships and impact the lives of those she encountered.

During the pandemic, Meaghan moved to New Brunswick to be with her boyfriend, who is now her husband and became a mother. As she juggled the demanding responsibilities of motherhood and opening a virtual assistant business, her living room transformed into a bustling home office, where toys and spreadsheets coexisted in an unlikely yet functional harmony. Finding success early on in her VA career, Meaghan’s passion of being of service to others transformed into a Freelance to Freedom VA coaching program.

Today, Meaghan empowers heart-centered women with a desire for change to find freedom in working as Virtual Assistants. She harnesses her experiences and learnings to assist other women in navigating their professional lives. Her ultimate goal is to forge lasting connections with her clients and build community. Whether they are aspiring VA, or someone looking to scale, she’s committed to providing coaching that fosters professional, personal, and financial growth.

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