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Here Is How Alex Grove Is Helping Athletes Avoid Crisis and Recover from Stress

Here Is How Alex Grove Is Helping Athletes Avoid Crisis and Recover from Stress

Everyone experiences stress; however, athletes typically experience it more than non-athletes because of the demands of juggling their daily lives with commitments to their families, teams, and sport. A player care therapist is assigned to help athletes cope with stress. They reduce the organization’s financial risk by ensuring the players have the best chance of succeeding by providing resources to ensure athletes and their families are given appropriate support. As a certified player care therapist, Alex Grove is helping athletes avoid crises and recover from stress.

According to Alex, player care work is structured around short or longer-term formats based on needs analysis. Some issues are more problematic than others, like; self-doubt, loss of form, unexplained loss of desire to participate, challenging relationships, coming to terms with injury, managing performance expectations, performance anxiety, not being included/missing playing time, and dealing with criticism or unfair judgments. 

Alex shares that players should make honest and well-balanced decisions, prioritizing their mental health. With the proper support from professionals and, of course, family, an athlete can manage his well-being. He believes self-care is a brave choice, especially if it requires an athlete to sit out at a game. Alex believes that an athlete should be applauded for being so upfront about maintaining their well-being, especially in such circumstances.

Being an athlete comes with a lot of pressure. Many people discuss the physical grind of pushing your body to its limits, but few discuss the emotional aspect of the process and the stress that can ensue. According to Alex, people frequently mistake experiencing mental pressure for having a poor mindset. He believes that negative media has contributed to this stigma. The truth is very different; those struggling with mental illnesses are among the most courageous today.

Alex Grove believes that anything is possible! He says that we are seeing athletes prioritize their mental health more today. As time goes on, it becomes more spikey and gives courage to others who might need it. At Alex Grove Coaching & Development professionals concentrate on root causes, allowing athletes to experience better emotional health by organizing their thoughts and behaviors.

To learn more about how Alex helps athletes recover from stress, you can follow him on his social media handles:

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