Here’s How Chris Zissis Is Changing the Lives of Entrepreneurs through YouTube

Here’s How Chris Zissis Is Changing the Lives of Entrepreneurs through YouTube

Five billion YouTube videos are seen across the globe every day. YouTube remains as popular as ever, with users spending an average of 40 minutes per session on the site. Earning from YouTube is no longer exclusive to platinum-selling artists or well-known influencers. YouTube offers a myriad of opportunities for ordinary people to make money. Chris Zissis also provides one such platform to people who want to earn more from YouTube through his business. He helps entrepreneurs and emerging companies create an automated YouTube channel and make a totally passive 6 figure income. 

Chris’s entrepreneurial journey goes back to his school time when he found innovative ways to earn money. From hiring individuals to do his tests and homework at school to buying 24 packs of cola and selling them for $2 a piece at lunchtime to double his income. He always found a strategy to get himself out of practically any predicament. After school finishes, Chris even worked in concreting and asphalting only to earn $15-$18 an hour, but he knew this wasn’t something he would want to do for the rest of his life. He tried an apprenticeship in refrigeration only to find out that this wasn’t for him either. 

The first real entrepreneurial business Chris started was at the age of 18. His business was selling custom-made t-shirts, hoodies, and socks. He turned boring clothes into exciting outfits for friends and family and quickly started to grow that business. He was making enough money for the amount of time he was investing in the business and the business accelerated pretty soon, and Chris made his first $10,000 profit, which was incredibly motivating. 

Chris then started an SEO business to help local businesses improve their website experience and google rankings. However, in the initial few months, he had to deal with clients’ complaints about the wait they had to endure to see SEO returns. It was a turning point for Chris, and he shifted to something that was not dependent on such a long wait time from Google. He started his current YouTube business and started seeing remarkable results soon after.

The most prominent feature of Chris’s business is his element of care and concern for his clients. When Chris started his services, he noticed that many other such businesses have a huge client turnover, and they do not produce the guaranteed results. He realized the market needs someone who will deliver guaranteed outcomes and truly cares about their clients without seeing them as just another number. Chris is on track to help 1000 entrepreneurs by building them an automated YouTube channel that can generate 6 figures or more. 

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