Here’s What Michael Ferrera Used to Do before He Became an International Fashion Designer

Here’s What Michael Ferrera Used to Do before He Became an International Fashion Designer

Life is a constant journey toward destination after destination. It never stops. You expect it to get relaxing after you reach a particular point or achieve a milestone, but it just doesn’t, and with time, gets only more relentless and intense. Though now he is living the life of his dreams, Michael Ferrera is still struggling to get better in his art as ever.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. You have to be on your toes, expect the unexpected, constantly brainstorm to fish out ideas, and remain optimistic against all odds. For Michael, now a celebrated fashion designer, and business entrepreneur with four businesses under his watch, that isn’t something new.

He has been running different businesses through various phases in his life. Before founding The Michael Ferrera Brand, he had five other ventures in his portfolio.

The first one came surprisingly at age 12 when Michael started a brand independently, without any external capital, and started selling door-to-door products and personalized services. He was always driven by a surreal determination to just make things happen right from an early age.

Two years later, he was seated in a management position at the disc jockey music company run by his father. His responsibility included looking after and assisting in operational matters. He did a relatively good job and hustled through the entire tenure.

After a few years, he got admission to the University of California, Riverside, in business economics in order to gain academic and professional knowledge of the field. Even there, he continued DJ music company that later proved to be a profitable business. Michael then opened a fashion brand named Maestro Tech and sold self-designed shirts, jeans, and sweatsuits, all the while managing his music company.

However, he sold that DJ company to start a high-level fashion brand, a dream he had nursed from his childhood. The newly-founded fashion brand pushed Micheal into the limelight. It didn’t take long before he became the talk of the town. The creativity and subtleness he infused into the fashion industry were unseen before. The bespoke service by The Michael Ferrera Brand revolutionized the way luxury fashion was perceived.

Michael started to build relationships with all the major fabric mills around the globe and learned about the fundamentals of running a large business. He kept selling to people; however, his and the company’s fate changed after preparing menswear for some famous NBA and NFL athletes. “It really made my entrepreneurship journey exciting while making money,” says Michael.

Currently, Michael is connected with other businesses as well, but his primary focus remains with the clothier. Though life has not become any welcoming for Michael, it’s just he has grasped the way of life and committed to keeping up with it.

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