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How Meditation Can Help Heal Your Mind, A Beginner’s Guide by Jonathan Bobby Opp

How Meditation Can Help Heal Your Mind, A Beginner’s Guide by Jonathan Bobby Opp

Multiple studies have shown the advantages of regular meditation. These can include, to name a few, lessened stress, better focus, lower blood pressure, and a decline in anxiety and depressive symptoms. Even though there are various forms of meditation, they all provide a similar set of benefits for both mental and physical health. Jonathan Bobby Opp is a successful social media influencer who believes that meditation can help heal the mind, positively impacting everything and everyone around you.

Recovering from a traumatic childhood that held memories of sexual abuse and hardships was extremely difficult for Bobby. He reverted to alcohol and substance abuse to help deal with the pain of his past. However, he lost his family, which made him realize the importance of keeping a sound mind. That’s when he consciously decided to let go of all the negativity and focus entirely on himself. He knew he needed to get better within to completely recover from years of harm, and he found his refuge in meditation and mindfulness.

Meditation can help you discover how to stay centered and at peace within yourself. Bobby believes it can also be used to help one relax and cope with stress by refocusing their attention on something calming. He suggests some time-tested elements that are common to most types of meditations – he calls them the necessary meditation elements.

Meditation Elements

You can meditate using various features depending on the type of meditation you practice. Bobby believes these might change based on whose advice you heed or who is in charge of the class. He suggests the following most common aspects of meditation that most types utilize.

Concentrated attention

Meditation is a practice where you focus your attention on something, like your breathing, an image, a mantra, or an object, to relieve your mind of negativity. Bobby thinks concentrating your attention frees your mind from the numerous distractions that cause stress and worry.

Breathing with ease

Bobby believes deep, even-paced breathing can expand your lungs by using the diaphragm muscles and help eliminate unnecessary stress. The goal is to first slow your breathing, taking in more oxygen and using less of your shoulders, neck, and back muscles.

A peaceful environment

If you’re new to meditation, practicing in a quiet place with few distractions may be more manageable. Bobby says that as you become more adept at meditation, you might be able to practice it anywhere. It will benefit you in high-stress scenarios like a traffic jam or challenging work meetings.

A relaxed position

According to Bobby, meditation is a powerful tool, and one can meditate whether you are sitting, lying down, moving around, or engaged in another activity. Simply try to relax to maximize the benefits of meditation and ensure you maintain a good posture during meditation.

An attitude of openness

Bobby believes in having an open attitude toward others and yourself. Allow thoughts to pass through your mind without judging them. And since being judgemental often generates pessimism, most people who start comparing themselves with others doom themselves to an ill fate.

Bobby’s social media is full of numerous positive suggestions and methods to help anyone struggling to survive through abusive trauma or mental stress. Click here to find out more about his healing journey through meditation.

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