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How Oncosurgeon Dr. Ravi Shankar is Impacting Lives and Creating a Positive Difference

How Oncosurgeon Dr. Ravi Shankar is Impacting Lives and Creating a Positive Difference

Being a healthcare professional is not an easy feat by any means. On top of the unforeseen long hours and physical requirements, the emotional toll of being surrounded by vulnerable individuals, sometimes hanging by a thread to the last bit of life, is extremely difficult to navigate. Yet most of us have only had pleasant experiences with doctors and other healthcare specialists. One wonders: how does one keep their sight straight and continue with compassion in the midst of such morbidity? Oncosurgeon and Neck and Head specialist Dr. Ravi Shankar is an example par excellence of this. 

With over a decade of experience as a resident and practicing doctor, Dr. Shankar has become a formidable name in healthcare and oncology services. After getting his MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College in 2012, he started working as a resident doctor at the university hospital. He joined Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai first as a Senior Resident, and then as an Assistant Professor. He has trained over a dozen young doctors in close association. He is currently working at HCG Center, Mumbai as a senior healthcare consultant.

Born and brought up in Bihar, Dr. Shankar remembers very well the waters he had to wade through to get to the professional position he is in today. He believes his success is due to his faith, commitment, and passion to do better and also because of his desire to do something for the world. The hope that charges Dr. Shankar is that one day, healthcare will be readily available and accessible for most and not some. 

He has trained over a dozen young doctors as a consultant and professor. During his time at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai and Tata Memorial Center, Varanasi, he trained multiple aspiring students in the facilities of their interest and his expertise. He has also treated over a thousand cancer patients as an oncosurgeon. In addition, he was first inspired to specialize in Head and Neck Surgery when he saw the dearth of Head and neck specialists, even in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. 

Dr Shankar understands the scarcity of Oncosurgeon in India today and hence is determined to provide and improve the services in the semi urban parts of the country. He feels that deeper penetration of improved healthcare is the need of the hour.
Dr Shankar does not lose any opportunity to emphasize on the need of rehabilitation in Head and neck Cancer. As per him, rehabilitation starts right at the moment the patient enters the hospital for the very first time. He emphasize on the need of improved pre surgical nutritional, emotional, psychological and physical rehabilitation in improving the treatment outcome. He envisions affordable and equitable healthcare setup with comprehensive cancer care to tend to the growing need of India as a society. You can reach out to Dr. Shankar through his LinkedIn to learn more about his work and services.

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