How Patrick Fitzgibbons is Developing and Cultivating a Proper Mindset of the Young Generation to Overcome Any Obstacles

How Patrick Fitzgibbons is Developing and Cultivating a Proper Mindset of the Young Generation to Overcome Any Obstacles

Growing up in a middle class family in Denver, Patrick Fitzgibbons always saw his parents working hard ever since he was a child. Consequently, he too grew up to be a hardworking fellow, who served for over two decades as a law enforcement professional. Thus, now that Patrick is retired, he wants to help all the future law enforcement professionals so that they can develop a proper mindset, and eventually overcome any obstacle that may occur in life.

Patrick started off with his mission to help others many years ago when he started teaching college students in order to prepare them for the criminal justice field. He routinely provided lectures and passed on his experience to the young generation, so that they too can grow up to live an inspiring life helping out others. Thus, since his teaching career shone, Patrick decided to host regular podcasts, so that more people could benefit from his knowledge and experience. As a result, “The Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast” came to life 6 years ago. Over here, Patrick made sure to cover everything revolving around criminal justice topics and issues that range from police and criminal justice reform, leadership, use of force, and most importantly, self-care. Moreover, to further boost his podcast, he also began inviting guests from different backgrounds and careers so that they too can share their expert opinion on everything that is going on around. In the recent episode, Patrick invited Justin Collins, who is a full time police officer and the co-owner and operator of “Police Career Exam Prep”, through which he helps recruit and mentor the next generation of law enforcement. Thus, together with guests like Justin, Patrick seeks to provide meaningful insights to his listeners so that they can not only grow personally and professionally but also focus their energy on a positive path away from all the obstacles. Additionally, Patrick also then introduced “Microcast Mondays”, where every Monday he posts a special podcast to provide short sessions full of inspiration and motivation so that his audience can get started on the right foot for the day. 

Therefore, with a combination of tools and techniques, Patrick aims to expand his reach to as many people as possible, so that eventually he can help out these capable young professionals developing a proper mindset that will help them overcome every challenge in life. 

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