How Rough Beginnings Shaped the Life of Accomplished Accountant, Coach, and Influencer Talaya Scott

How Rough Beginnings Shaped the Life of Accomplished Accountant, Coach, and Influencer Talaya Scott

Adversity is the foundation of success. It is the fuel needed to drive you to achieve your heart’s desire. It shapes you and makes you rise stronger than before. Talaya Scott is a black woman who shaped her life through tough times and emerged stronger, confident than before. Today she is a skilled accountant, money master coach, and influencer. 

Talaya’s mantra is financial literacy, and that is what she strives for in every aspect of her career. Be it as an accountant or as a coach or influencer; she is constantly making efforts to teach people the basics of financial literacy so that they can live a life free of stress. 

Talaya personally suffered greatly from the stress of financial issues, and that is what made her learn the importance of financial literacy. She is a native of Milwaukee and narrates her condition like this, “As a single and black mother of 3 girls, I struggled with financial management. I had my first baby at 19, my second at 22, and my third at 23. I didn’t come from a family of financially literate individuals, and it showed with the decisions I made. I suffered all kinds of financial losses. I experienced the loss of cars and homes. I lived years from check to check, and I also went through bankruptcy at the age of 29.” 

Poor finances and the stress of raising her three beautiful girls led her to pursue her studies. She recalls finding hope when she stumbled on to take an introductory accounting class and says, “I learned everything about accounting and financial management. I read my textbooks, self-help books, went to seminars, took financial training, etc. You name it, and I did it truly trying to figure out why life was so different for me, and then I found the truth.”

Today, as an established accountant with eight years of experience in Military Finance and one of the prestigious Big 4 accounting firms, Ernst & Young LLP, Talaya not only changed her life through education and by acquiring a completely new attitude towards finances but also aspires to transform the lives of others. She narrates her inspiring journey of self-discovery in her published book, “ So I graduated now what do I do?” which provides unique insights on life, adversity, and financial management. 

Talaya is also the founder of FIIT Perspective, a financial literacy which aims at creating engaging courses to educate people and organizations on financial management. The unique courses, taught in a gentle and detailed manner, are intended to transform clients’ thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards their finances while helping them acquire the necessary tools to change their lives completely and walk-in complete financial freedom. 

With the creative goal of uplifting people and boosting their courage through financial literacy, Talaya aims to change the world’s perspective on how they see themselves, money and finances.  

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