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How to Let Go and Grow From Your Past Experiences

How to Let Go and Grow From Your Past Experiences

Unforeseen events, such as natural catastrophes and criminal acts, can traumatize a person for a long time. By interfering with daily functioning, these events cause feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, sadness, and many other mental health-related concerns.

It is, nevertheless, incredibly challenging to move past these terrible experiences. Individuals unable to move from the past are pushed under the immense weight of its events, leading to many difficulties, such as difficulty concentrating, anxiety, insomnia, and flashbacks. On the other hand, people who have learned how to create effective coping mechanisms are more likely to be successful and lead healthy lives. It’s challenging to let go of something that has such an impact on our lives. While some people may find it more straightforward, others struggle to break away from this whirlpool.

Letting go is essential to move forward in life and realizing your goals. If you’ve also had trouble with it, here’s a method that has allowed many people to let go of their complicated past and move on toward a meaningful future.

Step 1: Prioritize yourself 

The first step in letting go is prioritizing yourself and putting yourself first. It’s not selfish; it’s essential. Although it could cause someone temporary pain, putting yourself, your feelings, and your opinions first will make you happy in the long run.

This is the best method to learn about your true self and to get well-acquainted with your dreams and wants. Knowing your talents and limitations enables you to have a smooth and successful life. Finding your happy places also eases stress, boosts energy, and aids in recovering your mental and physical health.

You are better positioned to move forward and feel more at ease when you put your well-being first amidst the numerous people around you. When making yourself a priority, one aspect is to do the things that make you happy. This does not imply disregarding other people’s needs in favor of simply considering your satisfaction.

Instead, you put much more of your attention into activities that bring you joy and enrich your life while giving your actions a sound foundation.

Step 2: Replace negative emotions with positive ones

Overcoming negative emotions with happy ones is another strategy for letting go of the past. We cannot rationally think, act, or understand circumstances from others’ perspectives when experiencing negative emotions. In such situations, we succumb to the past, grow distant and angry, and fill ourselves with grief. These overwhelming negative emotions restrict us from appreciating the life we have and make it difficult for us to move forward.

To overcome this issue, it is crucial to let go of these negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. One way of countering your negative emotions is by writing them down in a journal, linking with people concerned with your well-being, leading a healthy lifestyle, and — most importantly — practicing positive self-talk.

Step 3: Practice self-care and mindfulness 

When moving forward to let go of past traumatic experiences, it is important to practice self-care and mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness aids people struggling to cope with traumatic events, helping them concentrate on the here and now. The ability to live in the present moment prevents people from dwelling on the past or harboring fears about the future.

There are specific ways to practice mindfulness and self-care, including engaging in activities like sketching or playing an instrument; practicing mindfulness exercises; recognizing the little pleasures in life; spending time in nature; and treating oneself with love, respect, and care. These distinctive approaches can significantly alter a person’s life, reduce stress, and improve their ability to connect with each day. 

Step 4: Surround yourself with good people

Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions, and bring out the best in you. Such individuals shape your daily thoughts, actions, and emotions in life. Long-term improvement in one’s standards can be attained by surrounding oneself with positive influences, knowledgeable advisors, and people who will help one learn from mistakes.

In a nutshell, spending quality time with people who motivate you to make the right choices, instill an appreciation and value of life, and lead a healthy lifestyle is essential.

Step 5: Seek professional help 

It is helpful to speak with a professional if you’re having trouble moving past a traumatic event. Sometimes it’s challenging to put these suggestions into practice independently, so you’ll need an experienced specialist to help you out.

You can release your emotional suffering and learn to let go with the aid of a mental health expert. So, to continue with your life, seek professional assistance if you cannot use the coping mechanisms or engage in mindfulness exercises.


It can be unpleasant to experience any traumatic occurrence; the most challenging part is letting go of the past and moving on. You can adapt to new ways of living, ideas, and outlooks by letting go of old habits. Your perspective will modify along with you. Move through outdated views and toward your goals.

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