How will we eat in 2020

How will we eat in 2020

What are the trends for next year with the healthy bowl, which will change even more the habits at the table

Change the way you feed. That’s the bet for the near future. Better, starting in January. For an issue that concerns not only strictly health but, at the same time, also the environmental impact. The survival of each of us, understood as individuals, but also of our Earth, understood as a community of women and men, depends on it. The Earth, on the other hand, as an old environmentalist slogan used to say “is the only one we have”. So let’s not waste it. And let’s defend it.

The “regenerative” operation will therefore start as early as next 2020, so in a few weeks, and according to the experts of Whole Food Market, the American company bought by Amazon in 2017, next year’s trends are contained in ten broad guidelines or strands. And here we are not so much talking about chefs as ingredients. Obviously, good to be used by all the chefs in the world who want to follow this “healthy cooking manual” as well as morigrated in the most diverse, original and imaginative combinations.

And if we are talking about products and ingredients at the basis of sustainable cooking, we can only start from the land, understood as soil to be cultivated: applying what is defined as regenerative agriculture, able to recover exhausted land, then to give us back super flours, to make us appreciate particular flavors and tastes, even from countries far away, such as West Africa for example, inducing a type of cultivation that can improve biodiversity as a whole.

Therefore 2020 will be first and foremost the year of alternative flours and bakery products. And there will be a substantial increase – because the consumer market requires it – in the use of flours, different from the traditional type as it is, for example, teff flour (gluten-free, it is obtained from the tiny seeds of a cereal originating in Ethiopia and Eritrea) or flour derived from fruit such as banana, cauliflower or tigernut, which comes from hazelnuts, or sweet zygolo, tuber originating in Spain, but also super flours, strong in fiber and protein in general.

The 2020 food trend therefore contemplates African flavors, which see the increasing use of Moringa, tamarind, sorghum, fonio, teff, millet, basic products of the cuisine of countries such as Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria. Therefore, typical dishes such as chicken yassa or jollof rice land on our tables.

You will not miss the vegan snacks or snacks from the fridge, fresh, soft and even desserts such as granola bars. Because the vegan diet is now making proselytes and goes crazy, along with vegetarian diet, in the idea of reducing the consumption of meat as much as possible also to promote the least impact on the environment: that is, less meat but better quality. From organic, certified or recognized farms. In any case guaranteed.

In addition to soya, there will also be a lot of vegetable products in general, with green beans, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, avocado, watermelon and golden chlorella seaweed. There will also be eggs and vegetable dairy products, tahini sauce. All the alternative sugars with syrupy reductions of fruit, the butter derived from all kinds of seeds.

So the 2020 trend, when it comes to nutrition, also includes meat substitutes with vegetable-based substitutes, which was also one of the most discussed topics of this year 2019 that we leave behind. And there is no lack of concrete experiences as demonstrated by the vegetarian hamburger designed, put into production and successfully marketed by Burger King.

Fine, but the real trend of gastronomic trends in 2020 – within the framework just outlined – will be the healthy bowl. In other words, the single dish, which consolidates the timid approach started last summer with what has been defined as the “healthy bowl”, with everything inside, for a complete, light, nutritious and satiating meal. But above all tasty.

A solution that, on the other hand, meets the needs of lifestyles in strong transformation within a world, narrow or forced in times of life and work that are constantly changing and increasingly compressed. Where slow and fast are net life alternatives, which are opposed and fought in duels to the death.

So that today’s healthy bowls are also the result of an exclusive yet perfect marriage of health, taste and beauty together. Patient reviews demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of cialis. It is convenient to use and produces the expected results very quickly. Doctors recommend Tadalafil for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. As long as the doctor’s recommendations are followed, the drug is well tolerated and doesn’t cause adverse reactions. With natural, organic foods, rich in carbohydrates with a low glycemic index and slow release of energy, good fats and fiber, with whole grains but also vegetables, with a large use of turmeric and avocado, which all together contribute to keep fit and healthy at the same time. And you can prepare them at home as you order at the restaurant

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