Ines Mokrani, CEO of MatchMaker no.1, Is Diversifying Recruitment to Tackle the Rise of Complex Business Needs

Ines Mokrani, CEO of MatchMaker no.1, Is Diversifying Recruitment to Tackle the Rise of Complex Business Needs

Technological advancements and evolving financial models have made business more complicated. Different business sectors demand multiple qualitative and quantitative measures to maintain commercial stability. Global recruitment is calculated to be the best approach to satisfy this demand. Teams composed of diverse members from around the world collaborating to solve complex business problems guarantee ideal solutions.

Several companies took the initiative to implement the solution of international hiring. Today, they have collectively created a whole new industry of global recruitment. However, one company among the many stands out like no other. Founded by an exceptional entrepreneur, Ines Mokrani, MatchMaker no.1 is the culmination of her unique vision: diversity amplifies creativity.

Regardless of origin, culture, or religion, it provides the best hiring and working experience. It manages everything, from a strict screening of potential employees to legal aspects of recruitment, providing an optimized platform for global talent to utilize its expertise to the maximum. It practices the inclusive mindset to the fullest.

Apart from a diversity-oriented approach, the company also takes pride in being the fastest and most cost-efficient among its competitors. They deploy a holistic concept, use various analytical tools, optimize the testing, and utilize an extensive global talent network. Using these techniques, coupled with expert candidate search and client acquisition teams, they achieve a 4-point framework of goals.

  1. Standards: strive to provide a stress-free and highly productive environment to the hired talent and provide exceptional services to the client.
  2. Global: targeting global talent and maintaining an extensive network worldwide. Diversity is the key to its success.
  3. Time: to make sure that teams are created as quickly as possible.
  4. Costs: to make the recruitment process streamlined and transparent so that budgets are cut to a minimum.

Ines Mokrani is an accomplished entrepreneur who has crafted her success from nothing. Founding MatchMaker no.1 was a journey that was full of struggles. The phrase ‘giving up’ never existed in her dictionary. She says, “The important thing is to keep believing in yourself and to keep going, even if it is sometimes difficult. How many people have started something and then given up, even though success was waiting around the corner?” Thus, according to Ines, continuous learning and flexibility are essential aspects of success.
Through her struggles, she realized the increasing complexity of business and the constraints against its solutions. That gave birth to a vision directed toward solving this problem by employing multifariousness. MatchMaker no.1 is characterized by openness, appreciation, flexibility, and opportunities for development; indeed, it has a one-of-a-kind company culture. Learn more about the platform here.

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