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Instagram Influencer John Holowaty Talks About the Inspiration Behind His Book Instafamous

Instagram Influencer John Holowaty Talks About the Inspiration Behind His Book Instafamous

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms, with almost one billion active users worldwide. According to statistics, the number of users will increase to 120 million by 2023, only in the United States. This is a colossal figure and shows the huge potential for building a brand and promoting a business on a global scale. 

John Holowaty is a British social media influencer with more than 29k followers on Instagram (@john.holowaty). In his book, Instafamous, he shares the tricks and tips to grow an audience and dominate the industry on social media. 

John has been managing his online business since 2009. Like other business owners, he started by opening an offline business using traditional methods. However, John’s research landed him various online opportunities, so he shifted his business entirely online. 

As an entrepreneur, John experienced various aspects of social media that enlightened his strategies to target the audience and grow his profile brand. In one of his Facebook lives, John shares he learned about social media marketing by working with a team of young influencers. 

Before the internet, it took decades to expand internationally. Now, it takes only a few years or even months if the right strategies and tools are applied. During his research on social media influence, John noticed that most people spam a lot and use the wrong ways to build their popularity damaging the industry’s image. There are dozens of advice and how-to videos on the internet, but one should know how to incorporate them into their brand. This inspired him to write a book about it.

Instafamous is more than just know-hows and don’ts; it contains an in-depth study about the psychology of social media and tools for adequate growth. Readers will learn how to build their customer base by joining the right tribe and attracting the target audience on your platform. 

The book contains 12 valuable strategies centered around four main points: Grow an Audience, Build Value, Attract Prospects for Business, and Build Long-term Relationships. As an experienced influencer, John believes that organic growth is the most stable way to survive the competitive market of social media. In the fast-paced app where trends fluctuate daily, one needs clever tricks up in the sleeve to pull. 

For more detailed and personalized assistance on social media and networking, John provides coaching lessons. Many business owners have recovered from losses and regained the strength to promote their brand on social media through his help. 

John created a 7-figure income with a successful online brand profile making him an authentic source to learn and develop. It took him three years to succeed, but you can do it in a few months through his book. Get your copy of Instafamous from the official website today! Also, check out his book Between Fear and Fortune on the truth about network marketing and living life on your own terms.

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