Jaylan Pina Proposing Girlfriend Falynn Pina Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Jaylan Pina Proposing Girlfriend Falynn Pina Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Marriage is a beautiful union of two souls who decide to spend the good, the bad, and the ugly of the entire lifetime together- literally. Naturally, it is a huge deal for the two people involved and the people around them who want to see them tied in a happy bond. But the first step towards it, which probably requires the most guts, is to take the huge leap and pop the question. Some choose a simple or sweet manner while others may exhibit pure luxury and grandeur. Either way, the love that drives the person to propose holds the greatest value. 

For Falynn Pina, Jaylan Pina had perfected the proposal that exhibited his truest intentions towards her. The best thing about the whole proposal is that it is documented and all those who hold value in their lives are able to watch, learn and cry with sheer excitement over it. 

For Jaylan, it was probably the biggest decision of his life, as a blogger, and boyfriend of a TV personality, he knew he had to make it visually appealing and perfect. A surprise proposal to show a whole new meaning to their relationship was not intended to shock with the dazzling bling. It was meant to show his willingness to hold the promise of a lifetime. 

Jaylan Pina is a popular Instagrammer, blogger, and fiance of Falynn Pina of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’. The couple with Falynn’s three boys hosts their YouTube series ‘ The Pina Crew’. Despite Jaylan being a new entry into the family and Falynn having a turbulent break up from previous marriage not long ago, the couple has managed to share so much love and affection over such a short time. Despite their age differences, their contrasting natures and three young kids, Jaylan has proven to be the perfect fit into the family. He is the perfect father to her kids and the perfect partner she had always longed for. 

The proposal video clearly depicts how empathy and sensitivity drive Jaylan who is seen seeking his mother’s and Jaylan’s sons’ approval before popping the question to her. And fortunately, he had the support of everyone who knew them. The entire proposal is documented on the channel and has not just warmed the heart of his lover, but all those who see the proposal. 

Take a look at the most romantic proposal of the year here and see for yourself. It was thoughtful, sweet, and intimate. And the best thing is that she said YES! 

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