Jeremy Jenson, the Supportive HR Mogul & Influencer Uplifts Talent to Realize Their Potential

Jeremy Jenson, the Supportive HR Mogul & Influencer Uplifts Talent to Realize Their Potential

It’s common to see new money get to people’s heads. But when success results from dedication, hard work, and sacrifice, it brings newfound humility to a person’s character. The journey helps them realize the many ways they can help others when they can finally do so. Jeremy Jenson is a tremendously successful individual who remains grounded. He is loved for his social prowess and for assisting others in thriving.

As the founder and CEO of Encore Search Partners, Jeremy is leading the recruitment business by investing heavily in leveraging data to find qualified individuals to meet the needs of their clients. Jeremy has an eye for talent. He excels at delegating and elevating people. His company has become the largest privately held Executive Search firm in Houston, Texas, in only nine years. And Jeremy is proud of building his success on uplifting others.

Born in 1984 in Alief, Texas, Jeremy’s humble beginnings from a low-income, underprivileged community in Southwest Houston make his success unbelievable until you become familiar with the man, his capabilities, and his inspirational attitude to grow alongside others. Jeremy believes in sharing in success and has over the years demonstrated how empowering others can eventually empower you.

Jeremy hired Scott Kelley as the VP of Encore Search Partners in 2016. Scott brought the Entrepreneurial Operating Systems (EOS) to help scale. He was later promoted to COO and then President of the company. Jeremy has built a team of 35 qualified and dedicated individuals who share his vision. He intends to rely on organic growth and plans to scale by opening a new unit every 18 months.

Grateful for his friends, family, colleagues, and the Houston community that has helped him rise to inspirational success, Jeremy aspires to give back. He has had his fair share of struggles and resiliently come out of it all as a more evolved individual rather than adopting a defeatist approach in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

At only ten years, Jeremy witnessed his family split when his father had to leave. His single mother struggled to raise her two sons as they were constantly moving due to evictions. Instead of hiding in a shell, Jeremy decided to deal with his life head-on. He learned to talk his way out of trouble instead of getting into fights with the bullies. He learned to mitigate conflict and developed exceptional social skills.

The lessons he learned proved to be instrumental in Jeremy becoming an entrepreneur rising to become a leading businessman, beloved host of the dating podcast “What Men Want,” and an inspirational content creator. Jeremy continues to surround himself with talented and supportive people to keep learning and challenging himself to grow.

The content creator, podcast host, HR mogul, and influencer aspires to transfer the skills he had to acquire because he needed to, to the younger generation that has the privilege to build upon already hard-learned lessons.

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