Khalil Halilu Shares Insights on Building Sustainable Technology Solutions Tailored to the African Market

Khalil Halilu Shares Insights on Building Sustainable Technology Solutions Tailored to the African Market

From selling ice blocks in his neighborhood in Kano, Nigeria, to launching a transformative non-profit organization called CWCD Africa, Khalil Halilu has helped nurture sustainable technological advancements throughout Africa. 

As stated by the techpreneur himself, “I believe in adding value” which is why he has been making sustainable decisions for the citizens of Nigeria. He possessed and practiced great ideas to ensure an easy-flowing system, one of which was when he came back to Nigeria and joined his family’s manufacturing company. He introduced an automation management system that used fingerprints for the factory. 

Wishing to carve out something for himself, Khalil saw technology to be a great way to introduce innovative thinking. KSH says, “We started building things as simple as websites,” but his wish is to add value to people’s lives and wants to “make a website that is not just fancy but adds value to what they are doing.” 

These are little changes that KSH was passionate to introduce. As a person who believes in instruction, he does not want people to completely rely on fancy ideas, but on ways to implement sustainable ideas. 

While building sustainable technology solutions, Khalil ensures the best of the best reaches the African market. Khalil has done the unthinkable by helping overcome electricity outages as a youngling in Kano and creating a platform like CANs Park. These examples indicate Khalil’s specialty in localizing solutions to the African market, providing answers, and tackling numerous problems. 

For instance, under the CWCD Africa organization, KSH has provided transparency and a learning ground through sustainable technology. He has launched numerous projects under the organization’s banner and firmly believes that specific organizations can only be tackled if brought into the technical sphere. 

Zabe, Rise, UnSub, Backup, and Engage are five special applications and software operated under Khalil’s non-profit organization, CWCD Africa. These online platforms have received positive feedback as they counter social issues while also adhering to Khalil’s vision; to introduce sustainable technology. 

Khalil introduced the Zabe software, a crowdsourcing framework that has proved extremely helpful in matters relating to governmental elections. Another software application Backup was launched to battle police brutality, and UnSub connects sexual and gender-based violence victims with the concerned officials in their location. 

Rising from the ground up, Khalil has played an essential role in Africa in introducing sustainable technology. He continues to present various programs and solutions to Africa’s social and power outage issues. Who knew that a child from Kano would head on to become the continent’s most prominent and admirable techpreneur? KSH emanates the role of a leader and is an example of how you can achieve your goals if you put your mind to them. 

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