Lida Mankovskaya of Spirit Plants Shares her Tips on Building your Brand through Social Media

Lida Mankovskaya of Spirit Plants  Shares her Tips on Building your Brand through Social Media

With nearly 100K followers on Instagram in less than 2 years, Lida Mankovskaya (aka the Repotting Ninja) is building a brand for herself with @SpiritPlants. She has partnered with Miracle-Gro, Lunarly, Greendigs and many more and has even appeared on Martha Stewart’s show, Martha Knows Best. Her repotting videos are almost iconic within the IG houseplant community and her #repottingninja hashtag has taken on a life of its own. We asked Lida to give us her tips on building a brand through social media and here is what she said: 

Consistency is Key – I’m very consistent with my postings. I create content in advance and follow a posting routine. I tend to be slightly obsessive when it comes to what I love, so once I decided to post daily at 9am that’s what I did.  

Be Yourself  – I try to stay true to myself. As cheesy as that sounds, I believe that authenticity is simply more entertaining. And when it comes to content creation, with every post you are vying for people’s time. You must be entertaining for them to care. 

Engage wIth the Community – I interact with my community as much as possible and try not to leave any comments unacknowledged and//or unthanked. I truly value the community’s engagement and I make a point of letting people know. 

Be Original – As tempting as it might be to create what has proven to work for others, experimenting and doing your own thing is refreshing. Don’t be afraid to paint in color even when everyone else’s walls are white.  

Be Inclusive – I have a very diverse audience/community probably at least in part due to my attempts to be as culturally inclusive as possible. For example, when making music choices for my videos, I try to use music from different parts of the globe. I also reshare posts in different languages. Plants are for everyone and the bigger the plant community the greener the world will be.  

Hope this helps! Hop over to @SpiritPlants on IG to check out Lida in action. 

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