Life in Medicine and Beyond: Getting to Know Medical Student and Entrepreneur Kumail Hussain

Life in Medicine and Beyond: Getting to Know Medical Student and Entrepreneur Kumail Hussain

Kumail Hussain is a medical student and content creator who has established his personal brand with new ideas, using innovative concepts to help teach things life is unable to teach you in school. His content is centered on helping students and self-learners know how to study effectively, manage their time, prioritize their mental health, improve their lifestyle and finances- all with a dash of humor. His YouTube videos and content throughout social media depict his passion to change lives and make an impact. 

Take a moment to get to know the self-made entrepreneur and future doctor by the details he shared with us. 

Before we start talking about what you are doing today, can you share your background?

I am a first-generation medical student whose parents immigrated from Pakistan. My parents came from big families and barely had enough money for themselves. My dad started his own business and was able to afford a house, but things flipped upside down when my mom got sick. She passed away in 2012 and we lost our home, the business, and our entire family dynamic. We were forced to move and start over. High school was really tough with losing my mom and facing racism as a Pakistani-American.

But I stayed motivated to finish strongly and get into college. Because my family always valued education. An education they never had the chance to receive. I felt this sense of having to always be there and support my family no matter what I had going on. I completed a master’s program before finally being accepted into Chicago Medical School. 

Can you tell us about your entrepreneurial journey?

I am still in the process of my entrepreneurial journey but it all started at the beginning of med school. I mastered how to study and manage my time but I felt like I could do more. So I decided to create something that could make money while impacting others. I created my first Tik Tok in 2020 and was doing YouTube before that. I was hooked on creating digital content on social media. I saw that people were finding value in what I had to say. As I improved my skills, my social channels grew. I found ways to monetize through my personal website, online courses, sponsors, affiliates, coaching, and creating user-generated content for brands. Now, I have many different parts of my personal brand that generate passive income. 

What are your ambitions and goals for the future? 

I want to inspire people to live their best life as a student and self-learner. And I hope to do it by teaching people the things they don’t learn in school. The feeling of following someone on their journey and while discovering their own path is what I want to provide. 

To know more about this inspiring young man, check out his website here

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