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Meet Jessica Lewis: Woman With a Cause and a Dream To Support Shipibo Art and Healing Concepts

Meet Jessica Lewis: Woman With a Cause and a Dream To Support Shipibo Art and Healing Concepts

Jessica Lewis lived in the UK and worked as a successful model, boxer and sports presenter. Her life was perfect until she was diagnosed with a disease that took away her dreams of cage fighting, leaving her helpless and in chronic pain. It was during those dark days that she saw light in Shamanism and realised what she yearned for in life. 

It is an age-old practice of the Shipibo tribe located in the Amazon lowlands of Peru, to use sound and pattern medicine for healing. The Shipibo Shamans use a liquid psychoactive substance to enter an altered state of consciousness. With the help of the spirit of Ayahuasca they travel along with specific medicinal music to heal the body of the patient. Sound and trance are the constitutional elements of a Shamanic ritual which leads to healing of mind,body and soul. According to an old Shaman it is the belief in recovery that is essential for healing.

After her traumatic experience with arthritis, Jessica engaged herself with Shamanism and it was her belief and determination in the process that healed her both physically and emotionally. She is an avid supporter of the Shipibo art and the healing concepts native to the Shipibo tribes in Peru. She is also a Shamanic Practitioner and is working tirelessly to spread this concept across the globe because of her staunch belief in it. She doesn’t wish to limit this healing process and aims to enlighten the world about Shipibo art and crafts.

According to her, there is already too much darkness and sorrow in the world. Shamanism and shipibo healing concepts are the need of the current lifestyle which has consumed the modern man. Just like Jessica, our bodies need to heal and align with the soul. It is her belief in the process that let her create a platform which connects the heart of Amazon where Shipibo tribes live, to the community she belongs to. Her online market, The Shipibo Market , sells shamanic handmade crafts which includes plant medicines, Ayahuasca ceremony clothing, jewelry, crystals, essences and other shamanic tools. Jessica believes that her business is the perfect opportunity to preserve and spread Shipibo traditions while also supporting minority communities and providing them a platform for recognition worldwide. Her drift from working as a model to shamanism and promoting healing concepts of Shamanic concepts shows the faith she has in its healing powers. For her it’s pure magic, it is the calm in the midst of chaos that helps you understand your ultimate purpose in life. 

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