“My Accomplishment Is Seeing a Positive Attitude and a Beaming Smile on Those Faces Who Bemoan Life,” Says Rahul Maharaj

“My Accomplishment Is Seeing a Positive Attitude and a Beaming Smile on Those Faces Who Bemoan Life,” Says Rahul Maharaj

When things get tough, frustration and anger are probably natural responses that our bodies offer. These responses aren’t necessarily beneficial for us. They contain an enormous amount of negative energy which, if not bridled, can wreak havoc on a person’s mental and physical well-being. Negative energy is said to be the leading cause of stress, giving rise to hormone imbalance, impairing the immune system, and draining every positive brain chemical. 

Though it is difficult not to feel these impulses erupt with every unexpected turn our life takes, Rahul Maharaj, a well-known mental health speaker and entrepreneur, believes that the cost of such instant reactions is far heavier than one can expect.

“While it is understandable to act angrily when things turn out against our wishes, adopting this practice creates horrendous effects in the long run. And it’s not just that. The negative energy is rampant everywhere nowadays and positivity has taken a back seat. This needs to be changed. There’s more to life than merely complaints and accusations,” says Rahul. 

Through his book and show, Your Life Experiences With Rah, Rahul has accomplished numerous milestones. He has evoked a fiery sense of positivity, guiding lost and hopeless souls into the light. “I think all the certificates and awards I have got so far are my distant achievements. My award, the real award, is when someone reaches out and says, “Hey Rahul, thank you for what you do on your show, Your Life Experiences With Rah. It has helped me achieve what I always wanted!”. I believe that’s what I live for,” shared Rahul. 

Your Life Experiences With Rah is a platform where  Rahul invites people from different walks of life who share their life experiences and struggles that they had to undertake to achieve something. The purpose of the show is to inspire people to take action rather than feel disheartened in the face of failures. The show’s motto reflects similar sentiments: “From where you were to where you are today!”

It first aired in 2018 and has been successfully running ever since. The show is a revolutionary change, benefiting many people’s lives. Soniya, a huge fan of the show, was very self-conscious about herself and her body and had never uploaded a picture on social media. She even abhorred seeing herself on a selfie camera. However, her life is not the same anymore and has changed for the better after she reached out to Rahul.

Rahul’s show isn’t a ‘way to make money,’ nor does he want to embellish it with the word ‘business.’ Your Life Experiences With Rah is a campaign that is designed to alter the attitude toward mental health; a description that deeply resonates with him.

“My aim was basically to find the right audience and right people who need positivity in their life. I don’t mean to storm them with a whole set of negativity and then jump into the driving seats of their lives to forcefully lead them toward positivity. That’s not how the show works. It only strives to help them create a positive mindset, which is all we need at the moment,” Rahul concludes. 

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