Owner of Ugly Baby and Monster, Rosalie Gale, on Her Time At the Craftcation Conference 

Owner of Ugly Baby and Monster, Rosalie Gale, on Her Time At the Craftcation Conference 

Businesses hold conferences where they can meet and connect with like-minded people from all over the world. Attending these conferences is one of the best ways to increase one’s business circle and networks. Rosalie Gale, the owner of Ugly Baby and Monster, has been attending Craftcation Conference since it was inaugurated a decade ago

Craftcation is a four-day conference for creators and makers held in Ventura every year. Rosalie makes sure that the month of April is free of any activity or event so that she can participate in the Craftcation conference. According to her, it is the best time of the year, and the experience every year is simply delightful. 

Driving for days before reaching Ventura has become a part of Rosalie’s life. She groups with her friends and fellow business partners to drive to the conference in her car. She details her travels on her TikTok and Instagram accounts, showcasing the beautiful beaches, rivers, and trees she finds on her way to the conference and makes a road trip.

At the conference, Rosalie always makes sure to record her time at the registration desk and the pop-up shops, which carry the art and crafts created by the presenters of the conference. These pop-up shops stay for the whole duration of the conference and are an amazing opportunity for marketing creative products. Also, at the conference, many creative people are adamant about wanting to make connections and get into the arts and crafts industry networks. 

People at the conference remember Rosalie as a strong leader who delegates and juggles responsibilities well. She also has a good ear for listening and helps solve any issues that may arise at the conference. Rosalie, along with some other presenters, also sometimes arranges an Art Walk inside the hotel as an after-hours activity. 

Activities such as craft workshops, business workshops, wellness activities, and social gatherings are frequent on all four days. Rosalie also displays and exhibits her shower art and various other products she and her husband Douglas have made. She often takes morning walks to calm herself for the hectic day ahead. With so many planned activities, Rosalie ensures she participates in all of them to socialize and connect with other creative people. 

It is especially beneficial for Rosalie because she is constantly looking for more talented artists to add to her stores, Ugly Baby and Monster. With over a hundred artists already displaying and selling their works at her stores, Craftcation is the perfect opportunity for young artists to showcase their talent and art to people like Rosalie. 

To learn more about this year’s Craftcation, click here, and take a look at the amazing product range at Ugly Baby and Monster by visiting their websites. 

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