Peter Sage– the Magnanimous Author/Philanthropist Who Has Touched Many Lives Through His Wisdom

Peter Sage– the Magnanimous Author/Philanthropist Who Has Touched Many Lives Through His Wisdom

There are numerous examples of successful individuals who go out of their way to support and help the ones in need. Their efforts prove that empathy is above all. Peter Sage is one such professional who has earned tremendous appreciation for his work as an author, entrepreneur, and speaker. What sets him further apart from the others is his philanthropic services to support underprivileged groups of people across the world. Betterment and progression of the human race is his ultimate priority which can be seen in his efforts. 

Peter is a trained specialist in Psychotherapeutic intervention and Human Needs Psychology. His unique way of personality and relating to life has inspired countless people in the world. He has made it a tradition to take out a month each year to travel the world and provide volunteer training and mentoring to people of different backgrounds. His mentees include high-achieving business persons and the homeless, drug addicts, or cases of trauma. He is also a part of developing students’ education by building and supporting schools across developing nations. Peter has played a vital role in London Basket Brigade, which is an event that feeds the homeless and underprivileged families in London each year. 

Walking the philanthropic path is highly therapeutic for Peter Sage as he believes giving back to the world is the perfect way to attain peace within you. He further fuels his passion for philanthropy by being a patron of two charities, The Sun Lotus Charity and Positive Awareness. Apart from them, he is also an active supporter of various other charities, through which he raises funds and leads events across the world. These include Room to Read, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, The Community Alliance Network, Save the Rhino, The Easter Seals, and various others.

Peter believes in spreading his message and for him curating his thoughts in a book is one of the best ways to do that. He wrote his first book ‘Supreme Physique”  at the age of 18 and later wrote, “5 Keys To Master Your Life” which was an Amazon best-seller in Japan and sold more than 150,000 copies. His latest book is a culmination of his efforts over the years and his experience in London’s toughest prisons over a civil issue. “The Inside Track” soared to number one on the Amazon best-seller within hours of its release and is an inspirational guide for all those caught in adversity. 

Peter Stage stands as a strong inspirational figure who has done remarkable work in his life as an author, speaker, and philanthropist and aims at continuing his mission of raising global consciousness for many years to come.

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