Pistons Endure Historic 27th Straight Loss In NBA


During an adverse chapter for the Detroit Pistons, the team carved its name in the NBA record with a 27th straight loss. The unfortunate event happened Tuesday night at Little Caesars Arena, yielding a 118-112 defeat against the Brooklyn Nets.

The miserable streak is the longest in a season in NBA history. It exceeds the Philadelphia 76ers’ overall record of 28 successive losses from the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. The Pistons, now 2-28 for the season, have never had any victory since their home opener on October 28 against Chicago.

Even for Pistons’ first-year coach Monty Williams, a seasoned NBA coach, the weight of this record is evident. “Is it heavy? Yeah, I would imagine for everybody it is,” Williams acknowledged. “Nobody wants this kind of thing attached to them.”

Williams, brought in to revamp the team’s fortunes, expressed the burden he feels. “I was brought in here to change this thing. It’s probably more on me than anybody. Players are playing their hearts out. I got them in a position where they don’t feel tight or heavy.”

The Pistons’ current losing streak is the second-longest in the history of NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. They are tracking only the Sixers’ 28-game slip in 2015 that ranged from various seasons.

Aware of the looming record, Pistons coach Monty Williams expressed his reluctance to be associated with such a feat. The weight of this losing streak is palpable, affecting both coaches and players.

Cade Cunningham, the No. 1 overall pick in 2021, delivered an outstanding performance with a game-high 41 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists. However, the rookie has yet to experience victory in the 10 games where he scored 30 or more points, establishing an unfortunate NBA record.

After the game, Cunningham addressed his teammates passionately, urging them to stay united amidst the mounting losses. The toll of the losing streak is evident, with Cunningham emphasising the need to “dig deep and get ourselves out of it.”

The Pistons started the game with promise, holding a double-digit lead for the first time since November 12. However, turnovers and a halftime deficit set the stage for the Nets to secure the victory.

Despite an energetic effort in the final frame, with fans chanting, “Let’s go Pistons,” the Nets closed the game on a 26-15 run. It strengthens the Pistons’ place in the NBA record.

The frustration from fans reached a boiling point, with chants of “Sell the team! Sell the team!” echoing through the arena. Some players took issue with this sentiment, emphasising the team’s commitment to growth and unity.

Gores, who recently addressed reporters remotely, expressed regret for the disappointing season and assured fans that changes were on the horizon. “Change is coming,” he stated, standing firmly by Coach Monty Williams and General Manager Troy Weaver.

Amid this trying season, the Detroit Pistons find themselves at a junction, with the hope that change and improvement are in the skyline.

During this hardship, the Pistons aim to block out external criticism. Moreover, they should stay united and focus on improving their performance on the court. As they navigate this challenging season, the players remain determined to go through together and overcome the hurdles that come their way.

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