Promoting Caribbean Culture All over the World: Here’s What Creative Executive & Founder of TEMPO Networks, Frederick A. Morton, Jr., Has Been Doing

Promoting Caribbean Culture All over the World: Here’s What Creative Executive & Founder of TEMPO Networks, Frederick A. Morton, Jr., Has Been Doing

Frederick A. Morton, Jr. dreamed of seeing all the Caribbean islands conjoined together through media that would highlight the blurred history and experiences the Caribbean ethnicities share. This childhood dream didn’t fade when Frederick opted for higher studies at Rutgers University and Columbia University, respectively, nor did it fade when he started working with the country’s top companies, namely Simpson Thatcher and Barlett, Johnson & Johnson, Viacom Inc., and MTV – assisting all in their legal affairs.

The dream stayed encapsulated within Frederick until one day, it came back in the shape of a profound realization. “After being at Viacom and MTV for several years, I felt that my main purpose there was not just to practice law on behalf of MTV,” he said. “It was to ensure that a media platform focused on the Caribbean, its extraordinary people, and culture was developed,” he further added, recalling the period he came up with the idea of TEMPO. 

And therefore, TEMPO Networks came into being. Today, it has surpassed all other TV and media brands focused on the Caribbean lifestyle and secured a five million-plus viewership in the US and the Caribbean only, and poised to reach the rest of the world in short order with the launch of its streaming platform. 

The company’s primary objective remains the same – promoting the essence of Caribbean culture, its breathtaking destinations and dynamic people. To achieve this, Frederick and his team of diligent and skillful producers and artists have created over the years a wide range of shows, touching different aspects of the Caribbean lifestyle. 

Take Caribbean Dream, for instance. This show features the accomplished and popular Caribbean figures that tell their story of accomplishing their dreams. The show is designed to motivate Caribbean youth to never give up on their dreams through the inspiring stories of accomplished Caribbean luminaries.

Likewise, the Caribbean Rising documentary takes the viewer into the history of the Caribbean, its rich culture, and what one should expect from one of the most beautiful parts of the Earth. If you are curious about the food options this region has to offer, Cook-up is your thing – there you will learn what happens when you fuse the diverse cultures and traditions of the region and much more about adding Zouk to your life, learning how to Bachata, Skank to Reggae and jump and wave to Soca!

And if you like it spicy, check out Hot Ones Caribbean, where top Caribbean celebrities are put to the test of experiencing the Caribbean’s hottest pepper sauces while being interviewed about their work and lifestyle.  

If you are a travel enthusiast, My Downtown Island is a treat for you. Hop into your seat and let this show give you a real island tour and showcase the Caribbean culture in its truest form. 

With these shows and a plethora of others, Frederick and his team at TEMPO have done an unequivocally tremendous job of disclosing the real Caribbean culture and introducing it to the world in a revolutionary way. One more good news is, the company is expecting a major boost in viewership as the plans are underway to launch a streaming app for TEMPO Networks. Given the quality of the content offered at TEMPO, we won’t be surprised if it breaks its own records. 

There is more to TEMPO Networks – here is a documentary TEMPO – The Movementto familiarize yourself more with the company. 

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