Realtor Kendra Conyers Unveils Her Secret to a Successful Career

Realtor Kendra Conyers Unveils Her Secret to a Successful Career

Are you looking for a way to build a successful career in the real estate industry? Meet Kendra Conyers, a successful realtor and entrepreneur recognized as the #1 Producer of the Year in real estate sales. She is on the mission to educate and mentor women on how to be successful in real estate through her Pinkprint course.

Overcoming personal and professional struggles is what defines the success of a person. For Kendra, success means internal prosperity. If you change yourself from the inside, you will see improvement outside; this is the real secret to a successful career. She says that instead of pursuing monetary satisfaction from buying cars and branded clothes, one should strive to follow their passion in life. Follow that spark inside.

So, before you look for success, think about what makes you passionate? Kendra found passion in her 8-hour regular job’s cubicle. She would spend hours and hours looking up homes on Zillow. Her fascination with real estate led her to build a career in the field. To pursue her passion, Kendra moved cities and changed careers by resigning from her job with a bit of money that she had saved up. It was a risk but worth every sacrifice.

When one is passionate about something, nothing can stop one from pursuing it. Other realtors convinced Kendra that selling a single home took at least a year, but she didn’t give up on that thought and sold 21 homes in the first eight months. She says, “I refuse to quit. Once my mind is made up, I will move heaven and hell to ensure things are in order.” Kendra faced many failures as well. Some home contracts were terminated, while some closed deals, but she learned new techniques to apply next with every sale.

Kendra Conyers & Associates, founded by Kendra Conyers, has become a well-known real estate firm in the industry. The testimonials given by clients for the elite services have made it possible for Kendra to be voted as Top 5 Best Realtor in 2019. The firm has sold over 100 properties with a real estate value of $18,594,300.

Success comes from personal growth and a constant quest for knowledge. Kendra dedicates her success to God’s Grace, who helped her make big decisions in life. She prayed and fasted to gain clarity and became successful in her career.

As a motivational speaker and experienced broker, Kendra aims to guide new agents and women towards the right path. When people interact with her, she inspires them to change from the inside out, which is her charm. Kendra’s Real Estate eCourse is a smart way of investing money to achieve success in real estate. Through her detailed lead gen techniques and branding strategies, new agents will be able to close their first sale in no time. Kendra is optimistic that this course will enable thousands of veteran and new agents to figure out their pathway to success.

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