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Resilience, the key to overcoming stress

Resilience, the key to overcoming stress


The good news news of the reopening of bars and pubs in Milan and Lombardy even after 18 o’clock has cheered up the hearts a little, darkened by the closure of schools, museums, cinemas, swimming pools etc. and the cancellation of public and sporting events. Resilience friends, it takes resilience, it is the password. Life goes on and the difficulties will certainly be overcome. The important thing is to keep cool and not get carried away by collective delusions such as the assault on supermarkets and pharmacies. Our economic and social fabric is able to support supplies. And leave the masks to those who are sick, because they are only for them.

Of course, you shouldn’t let your guard down on preventive measures: wash your hands often with soap for at least a minute, keep the safety distance of at least one meter when talking to strangers and so on. But life continues and must continue with behaviors as close to normal as possible. If you are well, avoid staying indoors. But, if you really want to do it, ventilate the rooms well and, if you have time, allow yourself to relax by reading a good book. Regain the pleasure of enjoying the time you have available, your life. If you are well, take advantage of these days to take nice walks in uncrowded places and, perhaps, rediscover the contact with nature. Inner serenity strengthens the body and spirit. And then, keep in mind that there is nothing new under the sun. Man has already passed many times more difficult and serious situations. In distant and quite dark times, the plague epidemic plagued Milan (1630), as Manzoni tells us in the Promessi Sposi. And in 1917, the Spanish flu came. The fake news of the time did not run on the net, but in the dark alleys of the city where greasers were sought and violence and raids were carried out.

Today, fortunately, we have a sea of ??scientific skills on our side. Science and knowledge are our best weapons. The important thing is to treasure, understand, and apply the indications. Certainly a virus that makes the “species jump” has always been one of the most feared phenomena in medicine. Before adapting and generating antibodies to a new viral pathogen, thus making it less dangerous, Mother Nature takes some time. Hence the great fear for the spread of these new viruses with which we have never come in contact before and the need to stem the infection. But keep in mind that coronavirus is experiencing a very low mortality, equal to 2-3% per cent as predicted in the models developed at the beginning of the year by researchers from Imperial College London.

So resilience and prevention, because it heals from the new coronavirus. While it would be much more serious to let yourself be overwhelmed by the poisoning of social life, human relationships and the barbarism of civilian life. The danger we must avoid with all our strength is to feel threatened by an invisible and omnipresent enemy. Woe to look at each of our fellow men as a threat, as a potential attacker. Woe to undermine the social fabric with fear and suspicion. Thanks to science and human solidarity, we, today, may not be afraid.

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