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Sameer Sawaqed Shares the Skills Needed to Be a Successful Social Media Influencer

Sameer Sawaqed Shares the Skills Needed to Be a Successful Social Media Influencer

The attraction and allure of social media is irresistible. And there is a great chance of getting fame for almost anything these days, provided you have a video camera and a platform and know how to use them tactfully. 

And when there’s fame, there are followers. And with followers, comes money. 

So, now that you know how advantageous social media can be, you must be thinking of becoming one. But the question arises how do you become the next social media sensation?

You need not worry! Sameer Sawaqed, a successful social media influencer and a podcaster, has got your back!

Sameer started “The More We Know” podcast as he observed that a lot of us in our 20s do not have a lot of guidance. So he tried to fill in the gap by starting his podcast where he brings on experts from all around the world. These experts help inspire, educate and empower people especially those from Generation Z through sharing their struggles and successes with them.

Sameer, besides being a podcaster, social media influencer, also works in the fintech space and encourages people to discover as many avenues for self development as possible.

He believes that in order to be a successful social media influence one needs to  inspire and empower Gen Z and millennials by being their mentor.

He suggests that those looking to become a social media influence, must ensure that their content is different from others. Like his podcast is focused on mentorship, so when you plug in your getting insight to help YOU succeed based on how he does his interviews. Sameer has an aim that his podcast creates the number one mentorship/education podcast in the world that helps millions of Gen Z’s on their journeys.

Now, who wouldn’t love watching such dedicated content and eventually be influenced by it?

Sameer also suggests that partnering or collaborating with organizations and platforms that have a huge following help the influencers increase their reach manifold. Which otherwise would require huge time and money. He himself would love to partner with Apple or Spotify or YouTube to create an education platform that can help people on their journeys.

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