Social work politics and its philosophy – Nayan Bangalee ( Initiator of social politics in Bangladesh

Social work politics and its philosophy – Nayan Bangalee ( Initiator of social politics in Bangladesh

Social work is predominantly a policy; therefore, social workers must be political, whether they want to be in it or not. They must also advocate for different populations, which each face a specific set of issues, and for every issue, a social worker has academic and practical experience. When I was working for garment workers at an early age, and saw that most garment owners were cheating on their workers by grabbing their monthly wages, and I failed to protect them because garment owners are powerful, and I realized that everything is controlled by politics.

“I hear people say, ‘I don’t like being involved in politics,’ or ‘I’m not political.’ But I would disagree and say that everyone is political,” I want to say that. “Some people have not yet found those issues that make them passionate and excited.”

When I went back to my village, and I heard that village politics is bad, I felt that they created a wrong perception because they experienced bad. As social workers, we used to deal with policies and programs that normally political activists never thought of because they made their culture of politics differently. But if we follow the guideline or understand the policy in every issue will give us more harmony to work smoothly for society at large in the long run.

Policies can help provide social welfare programs and opportunities for the people and communities that social workers serve. But some policies are mismanaged, leading some people to fall through the cracks in the system. Consequently, some lawmakers oppose certain social welfare programs while attempting to ensure that the mismanaged programs are discontinued.

Politicians can assist in improving the lives of individuals and communities by simply listening to social workers’ expertise.

“We (social workers) are the experts who invest the time and resources into understanding our specializations,”

As social workers, we can be a great force for this kind of growth in our society, but we must be the Superpac for the poor and vulnerable populations. Too many social workers are “fighting the good fight” alone in their agencies and private practice. Although we work on the individual level, we must also” be a united front” as a profession, politically and in our community.

We cannot be this force if we do not become more united and take a leadership role in society. Too many social workers have forgotten their social justice roots and are too caught up in their private practice or agency to reach out. As a result, social work as a profession has become almost invisible. We are not taken seriously by other professions and not really recognized politically, either.

The voice and face of social work need to be heard and seen by our government, by our society and by ourselves. Many times, there is a disconnect between social work values, legislation and the agencies we work in. We must unite as a profession and advocate for better work conditions, more efficient systems for client care, and be the voice for the populations we serve.

We are not represented properly in our society because we have remained silent, and being active in our profession and community can change this. We are the face, we are the voice, and we are the fire of our profession.

If you have a dream to see your country as a social welfare state, then social workers would be the right fit for politicians to run your state. Everything is political, and politics is the way we make people aware of problems, introduce ideas into the public sphere, create a framework for thinking about issues and their relative importance, structure debate about policy, frame defense of justice and fairness and equity, and build consensus for change. Politics is how we improve the lives of our citizens, our community, our neighborhood family and our individual friends. Only if you don’t care who has those responsibilities or has decision-making authority -then how could you avoid politics? So everything relates to social work and, at the same time, strongly connected with politics like teck hustlers. There has never been a time when social workers were more needed in the political landscape. The parties are polarized and stagnant; the platforms are outdated and failing. Nayan Bangplee concentrates more on Policy and Politics because we recognize that social workers already have outstanding training in micro practice and will generally continue to sharpen their skills throughout their careers. Training social workers for leadership roles in electoral campaigns and political offices increases the profession’s effectiveness in promoting public policy that reflects our professional values and commitment to social justice. Electoral law and regulations are very vital parts of politics, and without an election, you can not ensure democracy and without democracy no legal state in the eyes of the civilized world. Normally social workers are volunteers in the electoral campaign and experienced polling agents. Since 2001 my organization’s youth forum, a youth group of our social organization School of Leadership, has been working on a voter awareness program with the election commission. I noticed hundred and thousands of youth volunteers and social workers were engaged in this tough campaign. 

In the USA, it is officially recognized to allow the march of social work and politics together. Social workers should engage in social and political action that seeks to ensure that all people have equal access to the resources, employment, services and opportunities they require to meet their basic needs and to develop fully. Social workers should be aware of the impact of the political arena on practice and should advocate for change in policy and legislation to improve social conditions to meet basic human needs and promote social justice. (NASW’s Code of Ethics, 2017)

In most countries, especially Bangladesh, political parties have failed to assign their million supporters and activists to get involved with productive activities. They are waiting till the election and when they will be in power and earn money by using power. The very simple math of this party leader and activist. Every day is losing their productivity and energy because they have no direction and training., Only focusing on their party ideology and history. To get rid of this curse, the social work policy will be a great policy for Bangladeshi activists as long as there are no rigid rules and regulations to become a social worker in Bangladesh. Social workers can also engage in policy practice at organizational levels if some of its operations are unfair, oppressive, discriminatory or unsuitable, advertently or inadvertently. Some organizations provide mechanisms for building systematic evidence of such unfair practices and use it to bring policy changes within an organization. By being an insider of an organization, social workers can constructively and innovatively engage in policy practice, though it may be slow and incremental, yet meaningful. Policy practice at the organizational level may be challenging if it threatens the social worker’s job or if such practice is interpreted negatively from the organizational point of view. So I am talking about political organization, and initially, most of the parties will not feel comfortable easily accepting social workers as their political colleagues. Here culture is different, and they emphasize student politics first, but they could realize that by promoting student politics, they indirectly ruin our students’ future by engaging them in bullying politics. Our solution was very clear to engage and encourage those who spent lots of time in their own society and community as social workers or community organizers, and It should be a strong background for any person who wants to involve in politics or even desire to compete for election as a candidate. It is a most probable winning opportunity if the party encourages more socially responsible and experienced candidates.

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