The Holistic View of Health with Amber Wentworth

The Holistic View of Health with Amber Wentworth

A common misconception in our society is the association of being healthy to being thin. People start following diets without doing any prior research just because they worked out well for one particular blogger. Of course, balancing your diet is part of adopting a healthy lifestyle but there are many other aspects of health that are easily ignored as long as the number on the scale stays within a certain range.

Amber Wentworth, also known as Lone Star Keto Girl on social media, brings forward a holistic view of health on her coaching platforms and podcasts where she addresses hormonal, emotional, physical, mental, and environmental aspects of health. She believes that everyone deserves a quality of life which barely any one is getting because of the promotion of such unrealistic diets and lifestyles.

Consequently, we need to take control and make the necessary changes in our lifestyle despite what the mainstream tells us to do. Instead of focusing on extreme diets that cut back your necessities like meat, we need to direct ourselves to healthier diets like the keto or carnivore diets that worked wonders for Amber herself as well as her clients. Being a Nutrition, Ketogenic, and Carnivore Coach, Amber is aware of the health benefits these diets have and continues to promote them among her clients. She shares her own experience by saying, “For once, hunger was addressed and my hormones were balanced.” She expresses her continual dismay with the previous diets she followed that failed to address any of these things, yet the media, doctors, dietitians and other health care personnel continue to follow a system that has obviously failed a majority of the population in the US and other countries that have adopted the same eating way of eating.

According to Amber, unresolved trauma and past issues also play a very crucial role in the aspect of mental and emotional health. She experienced bullying and shaming since the age of 10 just because her body developed quicker than the other girls in her class. That incident permanently shaped how she viewed her body and forced her to start dieting at such a young age which led to anorexia and bulimia by the age of 15. When she gained weight after having kids, she feared that being fat was the cause of all her health issues and lost a huge amount of weight again. Hence, focusing on the relationship you have with your body is an important part of your journey towards self-acceptance.

Therefore, Amber Wentworth uses her platform to spread awareness regarding the fact that what we have been told is healthy, may not be working for us and in fact, may be harming us. The most frequent side effects of the treatment are hypertension, sleep disorder, aggressiveness, irritability, limb numbness, dehydration, increased heart rate and arrhythmia. Read more about it on . and that all of us need to get back to a proper human diet of whole foods. We can’t let society decide what a healthy person should look or feel like because everyone has their own unique experiences. Just because something is common, doesn’t make it normal or right. We need to move toward an actual health care system instead of the current sick care system by focusing more on the underlying issues instead of throwing medications, shots, and potions at the symptoms. Diet and lifestyle changes are powerful!

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