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The Inspiring Journey of a Ballet Dancer to a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Janine Kreft

The Inspiring Journey of a Ballet Dancer to a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Janine Kreft

Dr. Janine Kreft, Psy.D. is the founder of Kreft’s Couch and has created an online influence that has contributed to bringing transformation and well-being on a global scale. Yet her journey to reach a successful career was not always easy. 

Dr. Kreft grew up in the Bay Area, California and was an aspiring ballet dancer as a child. She was so passionate about ballet that she trained for 17 years at places including: Ballet San Jose, The Boston Ballet, and The Boston Conservatory. Yet on her journey towards becoming a professional, she experienced multiple health challenges. From scoliosis, to a brain tumor at the age of 12, to countless dance related injuries, to a life-threatening, misdiagnosed appendicitis at 24; she was done.

After years of prioritizing ballet over everything and maintaining streneous, athletic physical strength; Janine quit ballet for good. Ballet had become so entrenched in her identity, that the loss created a sense of hopelessness and depression.

At the age of 25 and for the first time, Dr. Kreft went for her own personal therapy to pick herself back up. She found the experience so fulfilling, that she decided to seek education in clinical psychology. Dr. Kreft graduated with the highest prestige and began to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist. She has also trained in Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping, The Emotion Code, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Mental- Emotional Release, and Access Consciousness. 

With a degree of master’s and doctorate, Dr. Kreft joined the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs. As she worked, she developed an interest in offering modern strategies and tools on online platforms. She opened an Instagram page called Kreft’s Couch (@kreftscouch) where she made daily self-care healing videos that every layman could understand. To reach an even bigger audience on a global scale, Janine opened a TikTok channel (@kreftscouch) and posted videos that caught the attention of many people across the globe. 

Recently, Dr. Kreft launched her own business called Kreft’s Couch which has become a multi 6 fig business even before its first year in the market. The aim of this business is to have global reach for folks to experience transformation and ease in life from working with Dr. Kreft. Her main interest is to facilitate people back to their knowing and cultivate trust in themselves. 

Her 1:1, group, and self-paced courses are in and around: creating purpose, cultivating ease in relationships, following the energy in business & entrepreneurship, heightening energetic fluency abilities, manifesting abundance, creating ease w embodiment, cultivating emotional mastery & much more.

As a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Kreft consistently shows up for herself. Despite early life hurdles, she didn’t let that stop her. “Letting go of the need for perfection and being willing to get it wrong has been such a gift,” says Dr. Kreft. She has proven to be a great option for seeking life changing transformation. 

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