Travis Richey Teaches Inmates to Reshape Their Lives

Travis Richey Teaches Inmates to Reshape Their Lives

In the United States, the number of persons incarcerated is mind-boggling. Despite having only 5% of the world’s population, the United States is home to one-quarter of the world’s convicts. The social costs of so much imprisonment are enormous. The societal repercussions of mass incarceration do not end with the inmates. Children, family members, and acquaintances of people who are incarcerated may suffer much more severe repercussions. And after serving the time, it gets unbelievably arduous for the inmates to cope with the social issues and start an everyday life again. 

Travis Richey, speaker, advisor and entrepreneur, had a deeper insight into the troubles of inmates and the issues they have to face when they are released. To protect them from future risks and enable them to merge into routine life after serving time, Travis started AccomplishED Ventures in 2013. AccomplishED Ventures is a non-profit organization to transform the dynamics of prison reforms. It offers a tablet-based and in-person curriculum that provides the inmates with the services of education, learning life skills, job skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial skills. 

Travis had a rough childhood with a drug-addicted father and a single mother who worked several jobs to keep her family afloat. He found his way out of the hard life through education and got a degree in Finance on a scholarship from the University of Miami. Due to regulatory oversight, Travis was charged and served two years in the Department of Corrections. That was a huge turning point in his life which changed his entire perspective of experiencing life.

Travis believes that by bringing education to the inmates, he can reduce recidivism and enable them to get out of the vicious cycle of incarceration. Travis enables the inmates to learn how to start a new business, manage the business finances, and manage their day-to-day living once they are in the outside world. His lessons and programs have transformed the lives of hundreds of inmates. 

Today, AccomplishED Ventures is the largest prison content provider with 365,000 tablets nationwide, reforming the lives of inmates. Travis aims to go global with the expansion of 1,000,000 tablets across the world. 

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