Veteran Advocate, Nonprofit Executive, and Entrepreneur Olivia Nunn on Exhaustive Resources Provision and Soldier Suicides

Veteran Advocate, Nonprofit Executive, and Entrepreneur Olivia Nunn on Exhaustive Resources Provision and Soldier Suicides

When times are rough, it takes one alot to collect themselves – let alone move on to better things. It boils down to resilience, which is often celebrated, but is equally a poignant reminder of the systems that require human beings to suffer through the process. In suffering, it is easy to blame the circumstances and even oneself; but thorough change transpires only when the oppressive systems are critiqued. Military veteran advocate, podcast host, and CEO of a successful PR agency, Olivia Nunn understands this notion all too well.

After retiring from the military after 20 years of dedicated service, Nunn found herself grappling with uncertainty, depression, and feelings of betrayal. The sense of betrayal initially felt like confusion, as if she had permanently lost her way in life. Naturally, the persistent presence of these thoughts made her continuously spiral, to the point where it became life-threatening. She recalls this poignantly in a podcast, “There was so much that did not make sense or gel together, I felt helpless to the degree that suicide seemed like the only possible option accessible to me.” The situation was exacerbated when her husband, also a military man with a collection of traumas of himself, asked for a divorce following her retirement.

Inching toward imminent death, something of a spark rekindled in Nunn’s perception of the world. She went from blaming and wallowing in her depression to trying to understand the issue at hand. She had reached out to relevant parties seeking prompt help, but the help was deferred for one reason or the other. This, to Nunn, is a universal problem, and she has since decided to address it exhaustively across multiple platforms and through a mix of projects addressing different concerns.

Primarily, Nunn believes that newly-retired service members often feel helpless owing to the stringent mental conditioning that they must not seek help; they must be self-sufficient and resilient. Retirement, in itself, can bring a subtle sense of shame, and asking for help only adds to it. To add to this, the lack of opportunities for newly-retired service members further adds to the gloom by limiting their means of distraction and positive forward movement. In bids to help veterans, Nunn has started multiple nonprofits, most of which are in association with military circles and networks that she has helped evolve over time. She is the Vice President of Communications for Pan-Pacific American Leaders and Mentors, a nonprofit that provides leadership, education, mentorship, and fellowship opportunities for military leaders in the U.S. Army. Additionally, Nunn has also founded her own LLC, Olivia Nunn Communications, through which she helps young leaders connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and help build organic connections to establish networks of support and aid. You can check out more about her work on her official website or connect with her through her LinkedIn.

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