What Makes Steve Sidd the ‘Justin Hemmes’ of the Aussie Clubs Industry

What Makes Steve Sidd the ‘Justin Hemmes’ of the Aussie Clubs Industry

Clubs in Australia hold a special place in the heart of every Aussie. It’s where people gather to celebrate and have a good time while escaping the stress of life. In practically every town and suburb across the vast, sun-blasted land, these clubs provide a warm, secure haven for the locals. From the Friday night drinks to Sunday morning breakfasts and every occasion in between – it’s an integral part of Aussie culture and community. But as time changes, so must the clubs.

“Steve Sidd alongside his partner Albie Aldahawi are excited about what the future holds and further achievements to be reached as they continue to conquer the Hospitality Industry together”

Enters Steve Sidd, the group managing director and founder of the award-winning Catering HQ, an energetic boutique catering business specialising in clubs, pubs, and high-end events across Australia. As an expert in hospitality consulting and project management, Steve aims to transform this cornerstone of the Australian community.

With his innovative vision and passion for hospitality, he is quickly becoming known as the “Justin Hemmes” of the Aussie club industry, but with one key difference. Steve wants to keep what is impressive and unique about Australia’s clubs (the community, the comfort food, and the inviting atmosphere) while uniting it with stylish design and innovative, high-quality catering. Since opening his venture, Catering HQ, in 1996, Steve has managed countless clubs, restaurants, and catering venues with one goal: to revolutionise the club industry, one venue at a time.

Currently, there are more than 26 dining concepts and 40 event function spaces under the belt of Catering HQ throughout Sydney, the Central Coast, and the Blue Mountains. It includes Club Parramatta at Macquarie and O’Connell streets, Lantern Club in Roseland, and the heart of the community, Mingara Club. Moreover, the 350+ employees at Catering HQ are a source of great pride for the company.

Steve’s approach to remastering the Aussie club scene is simple yet innovative – taking the classic concept of Australian clubs and giving it an update, transforming it into something modern, stylish, and still inherently “Aussie”. When Steve talks about his vision for Catering HQ, he genuinely has a passion for hospitality and community. He wants to create venues that bring people together in a safe and welcoming environment without losing sight of what makes Australia unique. From the quality of his food and service to the innovative redesigns of classic spaces using technology, Steve is truly revolutionising how the Australian club industry operates.

Through his unwavering commitment to two key ingredients, hospitality and community, Steve quickly becomes the go-to man for transforming Australia’s beloved clubs. He is a leader in his field and an inspiring example of how passion, innovation, and dedication can indeed breathe new life into a classic Aussie institution. So, while Justin Hemmes may have the ball rolling, Steve Sidd quickly becomes the master of club transformation in Australia. With his unique vision and passion for hospitality, he is taking the Australian club industry by storm.

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