Why the Death of David Ferrugio’s Father Changed his Perspective Towards Life

Why the Death of David Ferrugio’s Father Changed his Perspective Towards Life

When David Ferrugio lost his father on September 11th due to the World Trade Center incident, he was just 12 years old. Since then, the incident has prompted him to develop a new perspective towards life. 

As an entrepreneurial Real Estate Advisor in Los Angeles, the way David works and lives his life is inspired by the powerful story of his father. While being a real estate agent is challenging, David makes sure to maintain a work life balance, where he not only works hard but also takes out time to enjoy his life. Even though due to the demands of his job, he often needs to be available 24/7, he still makes sure to pause his work life to clear his mind. This routine helps David reboot, and come up with creative ideas to further promote his services. 

Moreover, the sudden death of his father not only helped David turn into a strong individual professionally, but the incident also uplifted him emotionally. Consequently, it allowed him to make the conversation of “death” easier as everyone has to face it someday. Therefore, he started hosting a podcast known as, “DEAD Talks”, where he would invite different guests in every episode to discuss their perspectives related to death. David believed that almost everyone around has had some sort of experience with death, so thus discussing the topic in a much lighter and humorous tone would be beneficial to all. As a result, this would also push the topic to be a little less sad.   

Over the past few months, David has invited many guests on his podcast for a healthy conversation. 6 months ago, his podcast featured Dan Hahn, who lost his brother to an overdose. The 60-minute session widely covered how death can impact your relationships and even your physical body while also discussing the pros and cons of immediate acceptance. Moreover, just a few weeks ago, David also invited Patrice Karst, author of The Invisible String, where she discusses how she initially wrote her book for her own child but it eventually became a great method for introducing the conversation of loss for children as well as helping adults cope. Thus, with a combination of great guests, David makes sure that every episode of DEAD Talks is uniquely constructed with a meaningful message as he hopes to further grow his podcast to reach more people. 

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