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Zeroed-In Consulting: A Future-Focused Approach to Professional Services

Zeroed-In Consulting: A Future-Focused Approach to Professional Services

The world is changing rapidly – and at an exponential rate. In only a few decades, science and technology ushered in a revolutionary transition in how we live and operate. The business world is no different, and every day it’s becoming more and more challenging to keep up with the lightning-fast development. It may seem daunting, but Kyle Geers (CEO) and John Ikosipentarhos (COO), the dynamic duo of Zeroed-In Consulting, LLP, can help.

Zeroed-In is a consulting firm based in Southern California. Its focus is on providing businesses with specialized assistance for their accounting and finance functions. Their goal is to empower leaders to save valuable time and focus on the priority tasks of developing the business.

Kyle and John share considerable experience in the public accounting sphere. They both started their professional careers at the global CPA firm Grant Thornton, where they met each other. Throughout their prolific careers, Kyle and John uncovered many deficiencies and outdated practices in the industry and realized the serious need for change. Hence the idea of Zeroed-In Consulting was born in 2020.

The following year, they realized their idea as they established their new firm with solid growth from the onset. A significant contributor to their success is how each team member provides complementary perspectives and capabilities. Where Kyle brings an undying optimistic outlook and a solid technical background in the complexities of accounting, John offsets this with a cautious mindset and a strong understanding of the internal processes of a business and its accounting and finance functions.

As a result, Zeroed-In’s clients get the best of both worlds, benefiting from this tag-team approach on multiple fronts, and diverse perspectives to help the company grow in new and exciting ways. Practicing what they preach, Kyle and John are keen to develop a team of innovative individuals within Zeroed-In who collaboratively brainstorm to generate breakthrough ideas to help companies proactively navigate the evolving business landscape with a future-focused approach.

Determined to establish Zeroed-In as a future-focused premier consulting firm, Kyle and John strive for high-caliber performance while always looking to improve or modernize processes. They apply this internally by incentivizing team members through bonuses and dedicated time to develop learning in new areas, such as programming and data science. Their long-term goal is to assist companies in business intelligence, automation, and other technologies that can improve all areas of a client’s business.

Most professional services firms continue relying on the methods and mindsets of the services and practices that have been around for decades. They restrict themselves with red tape and fear breaking from established procedures. Zeroed-In adopts an agile approach, borrowing from the successful methodologies of many technology companies today. In doing so, they bring high-quality and cost-efficient solutions to their clients.

At Zeroed-In Consulting, Kyle and John’s ultimate goal is to provide valuable answers to these simple yet significant questions:

  1. Is your business working for you or against you?
  2. How will you maintain your business without falling behind?

Find out the answers by contacting them for a free accounting assessment.

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