CEO of London’s Top Property Investment Firm, Jacob Moore, Shares His Business Story

CEO of London’s Top Property Investment Firm, Jacob Moore, Shares His Business Story

Behind every successful venture is a riveting and motivating story. For Jacob Moore, the CEO of Triumph Capital, the laborious journey enabled him to reach great heights, earning his reputation as one of London’s top alternative property investment specialists. From selling properties overseas as a teen in the Canary Islands to running a fully established company at 39 in London, the alternative investment expert’s journey has been nothing short of inspirational.

As an ambitious young man, Moore moved out of the Island back to London to get in touch with his roots. With £400 in his pocket, Jacob explored options in a city that captured his soul with its avant-garde skyscrapers and limitless opportunities.

 “But reality didn’t take long to kick in and made me realize that I was broke,” Jacob adds. 

However, the passion and ambition with which Jacob moved to London motivated him to prolong his stay. Soon enough, he was appointed as a junior broker at a reputable firm in London, where he began to learn sales scripts and investment products, and trained from sunrise to sunset, hoping to learn more about the field. 

Arriving three hours earlier than every other employee at the firm, closing five accounts before the day began, and being the last to leave the premises, Moore’s dedication did not go unnoticed. With his relentless effort and urge to learn, he earned the position of senior investment consultant and office manager.

After dedicating three tireless and fruitful years at the firm, Moore hoped to begin materializing his vision to become an entrepreneur. He knew that in order to lead his own expedition one day, he would need to take a step back and challenge himself to begin working on his dream. 

Starting in 2012, Moore began his first company and raised millions. He worked with many renowned characters from all walks of life, such as film producers, entrepreneurs, and high net worth investors. Every venture ended with a lesson, and after many trials and errors, he inaugurated Triumph Capital, a company aiming to help individuals make reliable and intelligent investment choices. 

He built his company based on values he continues to carry today: integrity, transparency, and respect. These values, Jacob adds, “are embedded in every department of my company, from the sales team, admin, compliance, marketing, and we only and exclusively work with companies that have the same values, a successful and demonstrated history and act in the clients best interest at heart.”

Moore’s values have led Triumph Capital to where it stands today. His journey captures the essence of who he is today, from being the youngest man in Europe to close 15 consecutive accounts to becoming an entrepreneur. On an upward trajectory, the alternative investment giant is working on more projects and collaborations to bring more success to the company. To this day, he works diligently and embodies his role with the same charisma with which he came to London in his 20s, living the life he was destined for.

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