How TikTok Coach and Entrepreneur, Wave Wyld, Is Amplifying Women’s Voices on TikTok

How TikTok Coach and Entrepreneur, Wave Wyld, Is Amplifying Women’s Voices on TikTok

Women are making TikTok their own. After being silenced for so long, TikTok has become the perfect setting for women to speak up and tell their stories. However, obstacles, like imposter syndrome, low confidence, and the struggle of being heard over all the noise, still hold many women back from unlocking their ultimate power. That’s why Wave Wyld, TikTok coach and entrepreneur is on a mission to empower women by amplifying their voices — and TikTok is her megaphone.

Wave Wyld is a TikTok expert, sharing her genius about how to excel on the platform to help businesses grow and succeed. She built a 6-figure business in her first year on TikTok by unlocking the secrets to TikTok trends and founding the growing TikTok trend alert movement. Now, she uses her TikTok account, her biweekly TikTok trend alert newsletter, 1:1 coaching, invaluable online courses, and public speaking workshops to arm small businesses with everything they’ll need to succeed on TikTok.

Wave has always been a bit of a social justice warrior with her insistent pursuit to help people in need. It took her some time, but Wave finally figured out how she could use her own talents to help others, celebrating TikTok as her superpower. After years of trying to cut through the noise, Wave found her voice through TikTok, telling her story, sharing her genius, and now helping other women do the same.

Why is Wave so determined to amplify women’s voices? Because it’s her way of contributing toward change in the world. Women’s voices are too often ignored and silenced, accrediting their success to masculine-like qualities that our patriarchal society holds above feminine powers. But if women work and stand together, they can enact real change in legal reform, social norms, and the promotion of accountability.

Wave is banding together with women on TikTok through mentorship, connections, and support systems to establish a powerful feminine force to shift the narrative and ensure women’s voices are heard. In her own words, Wave does this by “looking for ways to give someone less powerful, or with less of a platform, the opportunity to share expertise and have their ideas heard.”

Wave has worked with some incredible and inspiring women over the years with important stories that need to be heard:

  • Thigh Society (@thighsociety) — an anti-chafing body wear business designs clothes her body will love, promoting inclusivity, diversity, and body resilience.
  • Parween Mander (@parweenmander) — a money coach with the mission to help immigrant millennials earn financial independence by overcoming their broken and traditional immigrant mentalities.
  • Sabbatical Beauty (@sabbaticalbeauty) — a luxurious, handcrafted anti-racist Asian skincare brand that centers BIPOC.
  • Jessica Michaels (@jessmichaelsspeaks) — a sexual assault survivor and advocate, liberating sexual assault survivors from the injustice of shame and secret by transforming the conversations around sexual assault trauma.

Wave helps amplify women’s voices by teaching community over virality, how to use TikTok trends to your advantage, how to tell your brand’s story, how to monetize your TikTok account, positive mindsets on TikTok, plus how to beat the TikTok algorithm.

If you’re wanting to share your story and business with the world, book a call with Wave Wyld. Together, you can ensure your voice is heard and help amplify the voices of so many more women.

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