Meet Abderrahman Zahid: The Founder of Tawjeeh Consulting

Meet Abderrahman Zahid: The Founder of Tawjeeh Consulting

Tawjeeh Consulting is an institution that helps Moroccan students in finding their career goals and passion. They strive to assist all students to reach their maximum potential by guaranteeing that their future matches their aspirations through their services. Their goal is to make this process less painful and more fun for students by assigning them to various tutors and mentors who will help them through the process, having gone through similar phases before graduating from the most famous colleges.

Founded in 2019, by Abderrahman Zahid, he defines the sole purpose of this organization as to train the Moroccan students in a way to define their passion and career goals. Abderrrahman Zahid, 26, is an entrepreneur in the educational sector. He is successfully running the organization “Tawjeeh Consulting”, which has over 32000 students from morocco. 

Abderrahman Zahid explains his journey as a tough one when he was a student. He was a top student and the student president as well. But he is not quite satisfied with the Moroccan school system, hence he stepped forward to change the education system once and for all. 

Tawjeeh Consulting has assisted over 32,000 students in less than three years, and their offices are located in three different areas of Morocco, including Marrakech. Casablanca and Rabat, Morocco’s capital. They were also allowed a meeting with the minister of higher education in June, and he listened to their proposals. The founder firmly believes in putting his students first and their passions and goals are his priority.

A student in Tawjeeh Consulting is assigned with a mentor from anywhere around the world who has the same school background so the student can relate to his/her mentor to the highest level. Abderrahman Zahid is an ambitious individual who is positive about making a change in the education sector. He single-handedly made a step for the betterment of numerous kids all around the world.

His next goals are to expand his consulting centers to Africa and the middle east and finally to all around the world making Tawjeeh Consulting a multinational organization. Abderrahman Zahid completely practices what he preaches, as he teaches his students to believe in the power of their dreams and hope for the best in the future, he does the same when it comes to his aspirations and goals. He is very ambitious in spreading his consulting centers in the coming years, and to make them spread all around the world.

Moreover, Abdurrahman Zahid has formed this institution in such a way that the approach and catalog provide a wide range of options while concentrating time and effort on efficiently targeting and ensuring the destination among hundreds of options. It assists in defining the areas that best suit the students’ aspirations, abilities, and skills, thanks to their knowledge.

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